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The Women of Xanadu Med Spa

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Women to the Front

Celebrating women who are breaking barriers in the Front Range

Jalyn Courtenay Webb- Jalyn is the owner of The Academy by Divabee, a performing arts academy for students ages 5 and up, and the Director of Sales and Marketing at the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse. She is well known for performances at nearly every dinner theater in Colorado and advocates for the arts by creating spaces for students to grow. Webb is driven to create excellence and integrity in arts and passionate about helping to develop kind, caring students.

Amna Rafiq - Amna is an esthetician and owner of The Skin Lounge, specializing in results-driven skincare. Having taken an interest in skin care as a young girl in Pakistan, her business is the culmination of a lifetime’s dedication and passion that has grown and become the foundation of a fulfilling career. Rafiq offers cutting edge treatments and high-quality products to take impeccable care of your skin and instill confidence in you through skincare education and empowered self-care!

Tracy Evangelista - Tracy is Program Director of The Community Learning Center at Academy of Arts and Knowledge, brings a strong background in community leadership and alternative learning experiences to leverage local resources that connect our after-school activities to her learners' passions and interests. Tracy collaborates with local partners and school stakeholders to provide no-cost theater, dance, music lessons, coding, and STEM activities to CLC students in order to  foster healthy kids who positively contribute beyond their school.

Elise Carver - Elise is the Executive Director of Hope Lives! - The Lydia Dody Breast Cancer Support Center, a local non-profit improving quality of life for breast cancer patients by alleviating some of the physical, financial and emotional side effects of treatment. Their program is celebrating twenty impactful years of partnering in the healing of mind, body, and spirit. Elise has always been passionate about helping others and finds helping local women through difficult times very rewarding.

Danielle (Scriver) Nater - Danielle and her family own and operate Northern Colorado Feeders Supply. She is a second generation owner and the business boasts nearly 50 years in Fort Collins. They manufacture feeds and work with our local community to focus on self-sustainability by having backyard poultry flocks and participating in local 4-H groups. Agriculture is incredibly important, and they hope to encourage people to learn more about the industry to pave the way for future generations.

Nichole Schlagel - Nichole, the Principal of Academy of Arts and Knowledge, is continuing the mission of providing an arts integrated education for students K-5.  Nichole empowers her staff to meet each student’s individual needs and to provide the opportunity for academic and emotional growth.  Nichole has a strong foundation in building a positive climate and culture. Creating the space, time, and structure that encourages everyone’s personal best is her key to a highly successful school community.

Becky Allsup - As an interior designer, creating unique commercial and residential spaces has been Becky's passion! Her company, Niche Design House, offers homeowners a place to find one-of-a-kind pieces to make their home reflect their sense of style. Becky actively seeks opportunities  to serve others - whether that is to contribute to a cause, make a meal, or simply take time to ask someone ‘how is your day.’ These simple interactions make a huge difference in our lives.

Lisa Hatchidoorian - Lisa is the Executive Director of the Museum of Art Fort Collins. She has over 20 years experience in arts administration, curating exhibitions, grant writing and fundraising. She finds motivation in the differences that the arts can make in our lives and how artists see the world and translate that perception into art. With a passion for making art accessible, she believes having a great art museum is part of a strong and vibrant community.

Jillian Antinora - Jillian has lived in Fort Collins with her husband and 6 kids for almost 15 years. She is owner of Antinora Real Estate, and owns three Subway restaurants with her husband. Prior to becoming a business owner Jillian worked professionally in musical theatre for 10 years  and recently started recording and performing her own original music, which is her dream come true. She wants to encourage and support women in business and music.

Christina Walston - Christina has been in insurance since 2013 and is celebrating her 7th year in business as the Cristina Walston Agency. She’s passionate about educating her clients on what they are purchasing. Christina also enjoys helping new business owners understand their new insurance needs and helping families protect their assets. Insurance does not have to be complicated, just correct. Christina also enjoys traveling, backpacking and hiking with her dog in our beautiful state.

Allison Seabeck - Allison is the Executive Director of The Warehouse Business Accelerator in Loveland, Colorado. She has a passion for helping visionary leaders and growing organizations make greater and more positive impacts in the world. Allison previously served as President of Prosci, an international change management organization located in Fort Collins. As an executive leader and business adviser, Allison focuses on building alignment and clarity of purpose with leadership teams, particularly during times of growth and change.

Jordan Cannon - Jordan is a Fort Collins native, wife, and mother to two. Her business, Lemons & Lace is a contemporary women's boutique specializing in clothing, shoes, accessories, and gifts. Jordan strives for Lemons to be a one-stop-shop for the woman looking at a variety of fashion options or gifts! One of her favorite parts about owning a boutique is connecting with the community, building new relationships, and helping women feel confident, beautiful, and excited through clothing.

The Women of Xanadu Med Spa - From the power of healing touch to the transformational result of improving the appearance of somebody to influence their own feeling of self, these women make it their mission every day to positively impact every person they touch.  The power of helping people feel better when they wake up or simply look in the mirror.  Not to mention their impact on our community through the support of organizations like Hope Lives! and Realities for Children.

Jahna Eichel - Meet your Publisher! As a business owner, Jahna is passionate about helping businesses succeed in local, national and international marketplaces. She is creating a haven for creative industry workers through this publication and her digital marketing firm The Creative Agency. Their first Colorado business, Higher Ground Rehearsal Studio, the only public rehearsal space in the region was built when Jahna and her husband, Jason, moved here from New York City in 2013 with their two kids Julia & Jacob.

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