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Classic Pieces For Any Adventure

1. Waxed canvas bags are designed with durability in mind. Canvas is an already durable fabric, and with a wax coating, it ages like fine leather and is water-resistant. 

2. A film camera helps to slowly photograph with intention. Let the moment unfold organically and snap souvenir keepsakes. 

3. Leather journals are for the man with a spirit of adventure. Long-lasting leather journals are made to withstand up to any escapades. 

4. A dive watch is a practical yet classic piece designed to be worn underwater and is resistant up to 100 meters. These days it is also worn by non-divers for other recreational water sports and casual wear.

5. Men's boots are handcrafted with the highest quality materials. From the leather down to the laces, boots are designed to provide comfort around the clock.

6. An authentic flannel shirt is made from wool yarn. When woven together, the wool has a natural fluff and does not lay flat. The wool yarn is better at retaining heat when wet and has natural moisture-wicking properties that remove sweat from the body.

7. A luxurious fountain pen improves is pleasurable. It is an expressive accessory fit for documenting memorable travel experiences. 

  • Waxed Canvas Bag
  • Film Camera
  • Leather Journal
  • Diver Watch
  • Boots
  • Flannel Shirt