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Wood & Root Bar

Getting Creative with Wood, Plants, and Alcohol

Article by Chelsea Chambers

Photography by Wood and Root Bar

Originally published in Meridian Lifestyle

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it is true that with change springs new things. This is exactly what happened with Wood & Root Bar in Meridian (located at 132 East Idaho Avenue).

“The inspiration for Wood & Root Bar came from two friends who wanted to save their businesses!” shared co-owner Shannon Ingle. “Our biggest fear was having to get new jobs away from each other! The economy had really taken a toll on both retail shops, so we knew we had to pivot. By making our businesses more experience-based and adding the bar, we accidentally created a whole new concept that everyone seems to love.”

Alongside her co-owner Niki Hritsco, the pair have brought their natural proclivity for creative thinking to a brand-new kind of business, one that involves everyone’s favorite things: crafts, plants, and alcohol!

Niki, owner of The Happy Hour Homemaker, combined her woodworking experience with her love of the community by partnering with Shannon Ingle and her business, Coffee Plant Repeat. Both entrepreneurs were in danger of losing their businesses but rather than succumb to the frustration of owning and operating a business, the two made a quick pivot to combine forces. And thus Wood & Root was born!

Combing all the best of their worlds, Wood & Root is a creative space where guests can choose from a variety of fun wood-based projects, art and painting, or terrarium planting, among a myriad of other things. The variety allows the Wood & Root to be more inclusive to those who may want to branch out from traditional paint n sips or crafting. And the best part is you are never on your own!

“Niki is the craft expert and Shannon is the plant expert. We are available to help guide you through every single project. Painting, potting a plant, string art or building a terrarium plus many more options to choose from!”

Let’s set the scene a bit, shall we? Personally, I went to Wood & Root for a friend’s birthday party. I was nervous about the whole experience as I have never described myself as crafty. But I love plants and I adore a good drink, so I was along for the ride. When it came to deciding what I’d spend my evening on, I made a snap decision to paint—something I hadn’t done in over 20 years—and I was more than pleasantly surprised! With so many colors to choose from, I had a blast mixing and blending colors of the night sky; Niki and Shannon were never far and offered great tips on how to make cool stars and other painting ideas. Across the table, a friend of mine worked on her terrarium and furnished it with some dazzling looking bugs. Other friends crafted earrings and wall-hangings and the whole room was filled with giggles, kudos, and truly amazing art. I knew I’d be back and ever since, I tell everyone that will listen: YOU HAVE TO GO TO WOOD & ROOT BAR IN MERIDIAN!

“We have so much fun with parties! Bachelorette celebrations, birthdays, and corporate events are always on the calendar and we are thankful for that! Some of the best nights happen when groups just walk in with no reservations, to create with us,” Shannon said with a smile. “We want people to know that you can show up ANYTIME and we always have projects to choose from.  No reservations are required but we gladly accept them.”

She continues, “We haven’t really thought of what’s next because we are just celebrating the fact we are still here! We’re celebrating that two small business owners who thought we were going to shut our doors can still go to work every day and do what we love!”

Visit Wood & Root Bar online @woodandrootbar for more information.

  • Owners Niki Hritsco and Shannon Ingle