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Wooddale Builders

Fine Design and Craftsmanship, Down to the Last Detail

Wooddale Builders helped build Eden Prairie. Our neighborhoods are filled with their beautiful houses. They continue to build luxury custom single-family homes, villas and townhomes here, just as they do throughout the rest of the Twin Cities suburbs.

If your name is printed on the cover of this magazine, then you are probably already satisfied with your current number of homes. No matter. Wooddale Builders’ expert craftsmanship is available for your next home renovation project as well!

Wooddale Builders is your go-to source for whole-house and large-scale remodeling. Once you have helped their team understand your timeframe, your budget, and your wishes, they’ll guide your entire project from start to completion.

Wooddale Builders creates additions with the same care they use to build houses. Whether you ask them to add a sunroom or another story to your home, the outcome is certain to enhance its character and its curb appeal.

Has your kitchen begun losing its luster? You deserve to bake pies somewhere nice. Wooddale Builders’ professional designers will help you pick the ideal new kitchen floor plan, and their contractors will then quickly bring your vision to life. So long, ‘90s cabinets!

Wooddale Builders stands by to remodel your basement until it’s no longer jealous of the upper levels. Some people are practical and want a gym or an additional bedroom. Others rightly believe they would have more fun living above their very own billiards room. Both love working with Wooddale Builders.

Not all of Wooddale Builders’ work takes place within walls. If your current porch is feeling its years, or better yet – you have found the perfect spot for an all-new porch – then the solution is simple as visiting See what it’s like when your contractor strives to exceed your expectations!