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Wooded Bliss

John Hill Construction Brings It Home for Custom Craftsmanship

Article by Stephanie Meinberg

Photography by John Robinson/Design

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

When Karl and Karrin Schaulin were ready to build their dream retirement home, there was no question in choosing John Hill to take on the challenge.

“It was a no-brainer,” Karrin says. “We knew he was good, and we knew he was honest. That was important.”

John Hill, owner of John Hill Construction, is a custom home builder whose style is marked by both versatility and vision. The company’s craft and commitment are more than a little unique, even among custom-building competitors and significantly so compared to production-style outfits. Whether a client is looking for a new build or remodel, Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired, arts and crafts style or Colorado contemporary, John Hill Construction does it all—more importantly, they do it well.

“We take pride in our new homes and remodels,” John says. “I never build just to build. I’m passionate about building to match the lay of the land … so it’s naturally used the way it should be.”

Such was the case with Karl and Karrin’s new home. Following more than two years of searching for the ideal lot, the real work was just beginning. Ben, John’s son, took the lead as superintendent. He worked side by side with John, Karrin and Karl to design, develop and complete the new home, guiding the Schaulins through the intricate decision-making timing.

“Everything we do is completely custom, so the process can be pretty intense,” Ben says. “We’ve never built the same floor plan twice.”

So where does it all begin? With the right architect to impart Karl and Karrin’s vision to paper.

“We’re big proponents of not drawing the plan until you know the lot,” John says, once again echoing his dedication to ensuring the pieces of a custom-build fit together organically from the start. “At every stage, we try to match the right vendors to both the project and our client.”

It’s what sets JHC apart—the connections and trust that’s built between their team of subcontractors, who in turn work in concert to achieve everything (and often more than) their clients envisioned. Seemingly simple, straightforward work is elevated to an art form from people with a passion for their trade.

“We really have a unique group of high-quality subcontractors who are our partners in this,” John says. “Our job is to orchestrate relationships—between both our craftspeople and clients—to help everyone work together to do something special. I’m just the conductor trying to get the tradespeople to play the music the audience wants to hear.”

From the stone-stacked fireplace to the four-season sunroom, one-of-a-kind handrail and beamed ceiling, the leather-finished countertops and stained woodwork throughout, the Schaulins’ ranch home is a custom masterpiece. Even more surprising, it’s hidden in plain sight in the middle of Loveland. Surrounded by thick woodlands and a teeming array of wildlife, Ben admits the foundation work was intense.

“How do you build a house on a piece of property that is all wooded and have it turn out unbelievable?” Karl asks. “That’s what John and Ben do.”  

“It’s important to have confidence in who you are working with, to believe in their integrity and that they stand for quality,” Karl says. “That’s been the key, working with John and Ben … knowing they’re committed to doing everything right.”

The Schaulins moved into their new home in March of last year and confess they now have a better appreciation for what it takes to build a house.

“How they do what they do … it’s really inspiring,” Karl says. 

For more information on current JHC projects, remodeling projects or new home developments, visit

John Hill Construction, 123 S. Second St., Loveland, 513.677.8991      

"Our job is to orchestrate relationships—between both our craftspeople and clients—to help everyone work together to do something special. I’m just the conductor trying to get the tradespeople to play the music the audience wants to hear." –John Hill

Wood Geek

The doors, cabinets, flooring and trim are all stained quarter-sawn white oak, an artistic and challenging technique for cutting wood that showcases its grain and natural beauty—as unforgiving as it is stunning, requiring the highest level of carpentry skill and workmanship.

Babbling Brook

“We found that view on a ladder,” John says, pointing out the existing water feature from the deck—a charming, chattering creek that dominates the wooded view and flows in perfect harmony alongside and behind the house’s 4.25-acre lot. No matter the season, the creek’s sound and sight are zen-like.  

Man Enclave

Disguised as a woodworking shop, designed with significant thought and careful planning, Karl’s custom oversized workroom was built to withstand the demands of saws and safety, complete with an under-floor dust collector, a ventilation system, insulated doors and more—including its own bathroom and TV.

Door to Door

Custom building at its finest, John and Ben took Karrin’s set of antique doors and found a way to make them work for the Schaulins’ study. A challenge to finish, fit and frame, they represent just one of the house’s numerous unique finishing touches and personalized accents.

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