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Kristine and Katherine, Your Woofie's Family

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Woofie's Loves Your Pets

Like They are Family

Article by Melinda Gipson

Photography by Christy Price, Kristine Tech

Originally published in Leesburg Lifestyle

Kristine Tech and Katherine Bhat are neighbors and became friends because each has a child the same age. Both owned dogs and love animals and wanted to spend more time with their families. And, both had used a pet-sitting service called Woofie’s to walk their dogs while they were at work.

“Our pets are like an extension of our family, so when we looked for someone to care for them, we wanted a likeminded person that would care for our pets the way we would,” says Kristine.

Katherine adds, “When we found out that Woofie’s had launched a franchise opportunity, we knew it was the perfect fit [for us] and wanted to get involved.”

“I mean,” Kristine asks, “who doesn’t love kids and dogs?”

Naturally, there's more to running a full-service mobile grooming and in-home pet care service than a love of animals. Both owners received Woofie’s training, but they also came to the franchise with professional backgrounds in accounting and human resources. Matching groomers and pet care providers to the unique needs of every family was a snap. Woofie’s also offers 24/7 access to experts, so providers never need second guess themselves if an unfamiliar situation arises. Providers themselves are pre-screened because they’re given access to owners’ homes, in addition to being trusted with the welfare of a beloved animal.

“What sets Woofie’s apart is that we start with a consult with the client—meet them and their pets, understand their routine and what they’re looking for, then try to match them with the best sitter,” says Kristine.

They have no trouble finding and retaining great sitters because of the flexibility in hours, the opportunity to get outside and exercise and the added bonus that their clients are always happy to see them.

If what we saw when we joined a Woofie’s “walk along” is any indication, pet appreciation is a tangible benefit. Harper, a golden retriever, was so happy to see her sitter she literally jumped for joy! Since every walk is followed by a serious belly rub, it’s hard to say which she anticipated with more enthusiasm. Being groomed at home also keeps pets happy because of the individual attention they receive in familiar surroundings.

The co-owners also thoroughly enjoy giving back to the community, so they celebrated their opening at Black Walnut Brewery in May by raffling door prizes to benefit Save the Tails (, which collects rescues from rural shelters and brings them regularly to adoption events in Leesburg and Ashburn.

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