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Work Out at Pure Barre for a Long, Lean Physique

Located on the corner of Agoura Road and Village Glen in the Gelson’s Westlake Plaza, Pure Barre Westlake Village is a 2,600-square-foot modern, bright and happy space. Most importantly, Pure Barre is changing bodies through its transformational low-impact technique and newly added High-Intensity Interval Training class, Pure Empower, as well as their personalized Clean Eating Program.

The Pure Barre technique is based on small, low-impact movements to fatigue the muscles and then incorporates quick stretches to create a long lean physique. Classes are under an hour and provide a full-body workout with a focus on core strength, posture and alignment. The physical results of a regular Pure Barre routine show themselves quickly: a stronger core and flatter abs, sculpted arms and upper back, overall slimming and toning of the body and thighs and the coveted “Pure Barre Ledge,” a high, tight seat. Members know the technique will literally lift your seat right off the back of your thigh. It’s not easy, but it works. There is an efficiency to the workout that speaks for itself quickly and keeps members coming back for more!

Studio owner Susan Martin and Head Teacher Gigi Corkett are in-studio and take appointments with prospective students in order to tailor each client’s workout schedule to help attain their fitness goals, offer personalized modifications for injuries and provide a complete nutrition program to yield healthy results safely, effectively and quickly. Together, Susan and Gigi have over 10 years of experience with the Pure Barre technique and have supported thousands of clients in the quest to become their best and strongest selves.

"Results are included in every package, all you have to do is get to class,” says Susan. “Clients that come to class three to four times a week see and feel results in as little as 10 classes. Add Clean Eating to your Pure Barre routine and you will change your body in just 30 days!”

The entire Westlake Village team seeks to give each client the support usually offered by a personal trainer in a group fitness environment. All members benefit by being part of a community that identifies with your personal goals and is there to motivate you to join the group and see the results quickly.

Clients are celebrated at the completion of 100 classes and other milestones. Challenges, special events and specialized intensive classes also enhance the experience and help students push their edge. At Pure Barre your competition is in the mirror—it’s you.

“The Teaching Team, aka ‘Barretenders,’ as well as our community of members, will all know your name at our barre. You will be sore after every workout, which means it’s working. In just five to seven classes, you will have the technique down and it’s then that the magic starts to happen,” shares Gigi.

Call Pure Barre today at 805.990.9582 to schedule a complimentary initial consultation and tour. Mention this article and get five weeks of unlimited classes for $125!