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Workout Essentials

Article by ISI® Folsom owner Karl Krahn

Photography by @ISI.Folsom

Originally published in Folsom City Lifestyle

Whether at home or in the gym, strength training has proven to be useful for more than just building muscle.  It is known to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, help regulate moods, and can balance hormones.  Below are ISI® Folsom owner, Karl Krahn's suggestions for workout essentials to maximize your success in strength and conditioning training:

Training Shoes:  Athletic shoes should match your activity, a good cross trainer with room for your toes to spread is helpful in functional training.  Nike Metcon, Reebok Nano, and New Balance Minimus are a top three.

HR Monitor:  Wearables are getting more sophisticated every year.  Get one that can track your heart rate, calories, time, and distance.  Apple, Garmin, and Fit Bit are all great.  

Hex Dumbbells:  Versatile and effective for strength training.  Their hexagonal shape helps prevent rolling and provides stability.

Resistance Bands:  Also great for strength training while being portable.  It's good to use bands and bells in your workout routine.

Kettlebell:  Kettlebells are great for full-body workouts and often used in competitive strength training.

 A Plan:  Make a plan and follow it.   A training app, like the ISI® App, adds convenience and a new level of accountability towards your goals.

ISI® Folsom owner, Karl Krahn, is a Combat Veteran of US Navy EOD and is passionate about maintaining physical and mental health with functional strength training.  He and his team have been training people (military and civilians) to become the strongest and most capable versions of themselves for decades.

  • Reebok Training Shoes
  • HR Monitor
  • Hex Dumbbells
  • Resistance Bands
  • Kettlebell
  • Karl Krahn, ISI® Folsom
  • ISI® App