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Workouts for Dads with Adult Kids


Article by Hayley Hyer

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If you're super into fitness or have just been going absolutely stir crazy lately, you might want to celebrate Father's Day with some activity. Maybe you've been staying with your adult children in their home and quarantining with them, or maybe you have been carefully spending time together while remaining six feet apart.

I've personally had a few backyard visits with my parents because we can set up the lawn chairs to be spread out wide enough and still enjoy each other's company. But if you're tired of sitting and want to do something active, I've come up with some fitness ideas for you to do with your adult children this Father's Day. All of these things can be done spread out in a yard with everyone at a safe distance. And while working out with a mask can be a pain, if it makes you feel better, you can do that too.

Men Over 40 Workout Plan

The exercises in this workout plan from Men's Health are all things you can do in one place. So have everyone pick a spot in the yard to be their station and go through this routine together. Sure, it's catered specifically to you as a man over 40, but that's what Father's Day is for! Enjoy being in the spotlight.

Virtual Fitness Class

Instead of using a projector and a screen for a cozy outdoor movie night, put it to use for fitness! You can project a virtual fitness class from Youtube, Facebook Live, or a fitness subscription site on your screen so that it's big enough for everyone in your family to see and follow along while spread out away from each other.

Viral Fitness Challenges

Here's another way you can all workout while spread out six feet apart—try the social media fitness challenges! You can either do one of these three challenges or even invent your own competition. Maybe you all start holding a plank on your own beach towel at the same time and see who lasts the longest. You could do the same thing with any other isometric exercises that you hold. Maybe you stand in a spread out circle and take turns picking an exercise that you all have to do for 30 seconds. Have fun with it and let yourselves get creative.

For Dads Quarantining with Their Kids

If you're one of the lucky parents who moved in with your kids during this time and have been quarantining with them, you have a little more flexibility because you don't have to stay apart without any physical contact. Maybe you set up a volleyball net and play a recreational game with your family or toss a football around. It will feel good to get outside and do something, no matter what you choose.

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