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Scripted Bar & Grill at the Foundery's Metrolux

Loveland has a new hot spot in town, and that is the new Metrolux Theater at the Foundery. This place incorporates everything you could want for the perfect date night, the casual hangout with friends or evening out with the family, without the hassle of changing locations. While this theater has everything you could ask for, you can choose to enjoy the restaurant without seeing a movie or forego dinner to nosh on some fresh popcorn while you watch the newest flicks. There is no limit to how you choose to enjoy your time here, however, you might find it tempting to embrace the experience as a whole. We here at Loveland & South Lifestyle have taken the liberty of sketching just one of the many ways you might choose to enjoy your experience at this all-in-one locale.

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Dinner at Scripted Bar & Kitchen

Here you will enjoy a gourmet meal prepared by chefs who take great pride in the taste and aesthetic of the food they prepare. Everything from the freshness of the ingredients used to the colors of the food and how they are arranged on the plate is absolutely stunning. There is certainly something for every set of taste buds on the large menu. The dining area has plenty of seating; whether you are just enjoying some time alone on your lunch break or part of a large party, there are a number of seating options. From harvest-style bar high tables to low sitting booths, you are sure to feel comfortable while you dine.

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Catch a Movie in the Theater

Missed dinner? Not to worry; the theater has a vast assortment of classic candies and popcorn served in mixing bowls just like movie nights at home. Stop by the snack bar on your way to your seat. Adult beverages and kitchen menu items are also available once you enter the theater. Servers are more than happy to assist you with whatever you need to make your movie-watching experience exceptional while you lounge in oversize recliners that feature plenty of room for food and drinks. If for some reason you do need to leave the theater during the movie, you don’t have to worry about squeezing across other people to get out, as the legroom is more than ample.

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Drinks at the Bar

After-dinner drinks or an after-movie nightcap—either way, the ambiance of the bar is quite alluring. What’s more enticing is the extensive beer, wine and cocktail menus. Perhaps a local beer, a wine on draft or a top-shelf drink handcrafted and expertly prepared is just the thing to top off an evening of perfection. You can enjoy your beverage at the bar, at a table or by the oversized garage door windows that look out over the Foundery, as they are kept open when the weather is nice. Wherever you choose to enjoy yourself, the atmosphere is relaxed and chic and certainly worth taking some time to sit back and enjoy.

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