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WundaBar Builds Community Strength & Spirit

The WundaBar Pilates community has a lot to celebrate this summer, beginning with the grand re-opening of its brand-new location across from the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village. The move to a larger space, despite the Covid challenges of the past year, pays tribute to the positive impact of the workouts and the strength of its community.

“Sales have grown steadily since November, with overall numbers 75% of pre-Covid attendance,” says Westlake WundaBar Owner Michelle Zimmer, noting that business is “definitely improving,” thanks to a dedicated and growing following of WundaBar clients.

“The classes are a lot of fun—just 45 minutes for an amazing full body workout that leaves you feeling elated and energized from the inside out,” says Michelle, who took ownership of the studio with her husband Gavin in September 2020. 

A certified Pilates instructor and enthusiast since 2013, Michelle was determined to keep the Westlake studio going despite the Covid closures, believing in the strength and the ideology of the Wundabar workouts as well as the community that had been established. Being able to keep on the dedicated team of seven amazing instructors was also icing on the cake! 

When the studio was cleared to open for outdoor classes, Michelle stepped up to welcome the clients back to WundaBar, setting up a 50-foot open air tent housing 12 WundaFormers, complete with security system, fencing, lighting, heaters, sound system and turf.

“People were so thankful and appreciative,” says Michelle. “It’s been challenging with the wind, rain, cold and even hail, but it’s been well worth it. I really believe that daily movement heals the mind and body and Wundabar Pilates does just that. The secret sauce in the WundaBar workout is a unique patented machine called the WundaFormer, which combines all four Pilates machines into one, says Michelle.

Invented by WundaBar founder Amy Jordan, the WundaFormer is a Pilates Reformer, WundaChair, Jumpboard and Ballet Bar all-in-one, offering a full-body cardio workout led by highly certified instructors.

“With hundreds of movements, our classes never get boring—every class is a new experience,” says Michelle. “Anyone one can attend our classes without having experienced Pilates before. It’s a safe workout for ages 13 and up; and movements can be easily modified to accommodate injuries if needed.”

In addition to group Pilates classes set to upbeat music, WundaBar Pilates also offers private and semi-private instruction as well.

“WundaBar Pilates was created to strengthen, empower and support a community of like-minded individuals that strive to better their health and wellness both physically and mentally,” stated Jordan, WundaBar’s founder and a mentor of Michelle, who wholeheartedly shares the philosophy. 

Michelle expressed gratitude for the “clients and the community we have created since we have been open in 2015,” noting that she loves to inspire and educate her clients to get stronger and become healthier in their own skin.” 

“We are always looking to expand our service offerings to reach a bigger audience. We want to also grow with the community and with all the local business around us as well,” says Michelle.

She looks forward to sharing the joy of Pilates and WundaBar for years to come.

To learn more about WundaBar, call 805.300.1124 or visit

  • WundaBar Westlake Owner Michie Zimmer
  • WundaBar Founder Amy Jordan