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Yarn Bomber

The Mystery Night Knitter Strikes Again

Article by Robin Moyer Chung

Photography by John Videler

Originally published in Westport Lifestyle

You’ve seen them around town: trees and signposts snuggled into colorful knit columns. They’re witty, optimistic, and raise many questions. Most notably…

Who is this enigmatic Yarn Bomber and why??

Westport Lifestyle: How did you come up with the idea for yarn bombing?

Yarn Bomber: Knitting has given me a way to harness my anxiety during this highly unusual time. What began as small sign post cozies has become colorful messages of inspiration and hope. It gives me a sense of power to sneak out at night and hide my work in plain sight.  

WL: Have you ever done them before?

YB: I’ve done some mild bombing before but not to this degree.

WL: How much time and yarn went into the Bedford Square bomb?

YB: It took about 2 weeks to knit all the components for Bedford Square and approximately 8 skeins of yarn. It's hard to determine time and amounts as multiple projects progress at once and overlap one another.

WL: How long did it take to put it up?

YB: About 20 minutes.

WL: Have you ever been "caught" or spotted doing it?

YB: Post Road and the beach are highly active areas so while people have witnessed me out there, nobody seemed to care.

WL: Will you ever reveal your identity? 

YB: Remaining anonymous gives me freedom. This work is for the public during an unsettling time, it's not about me.

WL: How do you stay anonymous to your paying clients?

YB: They send me a picture and an address, and we establish a bomb date so I am not mistaken for an interloper. Cash or checks made out to cash work fine.

WL: What happens when they become really ratty?

YB: Some are starting to show distress from the elements and I knew they wouldn't last forever. They'll have to come down and maybe get replaced.

WL: Do you take them down or does the town?

YB: I haven't thought about that. They're kind of like my children so it's hard for me to turn my back on them. I'll just close my eyes and accept their fate.


  • Mask custom-knit for Westport Lifestyle. For display purposes only. (Photo: Yarn Bomber)
  • Mask custom-knit for Westport Lifestyle. For display purposes only. (Photo: Yarn Bomber)
  • One never knows where the Yarn Bomber will strike...
  • Westport Library...
  • Imperial Parking Lot...
  • Longshore Golf Course...
  • Owenoke...
  • Bedford Square... (Photo: Yarn Bomber)