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Blingle: Local Outdoor Lighting Installation Professionals For All Seasons

Blingle's Nashville West Tennessee lighting specialists and design team are more than eager to bring personalized, quality-driven lighting projects to life, assures franchise co-owner Todd Lawrence.

"We handle all the steps, from design and installation, to ongoing service. We support our customers every step and every light of the way," he says. 

Todd says their premier lighting projects are anchored with innovative, computer-based technology. "Blingle professional grade lighting products and technology not only make homes, businesses or events shine, they keep the lights on longer, brighter and more efficiently. Our lighting fixtures and bulbs are designed to withstand even the worst of Nashville weather."

A variety of lighting colors can be provided, and there are even three variations of white to create certain ambiances:  warm, pure and cool. 

Blingle installations include low-voltage LED lighting; residential and commercial lighting; dock lighting; landscape and architectural lighting; string lighting; deck outdoor living lighting; patio chandeliers; accent lights; accessibility lighting; and path lights.

For landscape reasons, they light patios, decks, porches, gazebos, grills, fire pits, outdoor pools, outdoor spaces for bars or restaurants, steps and outdoor walls. For permanent lighting, they handle rooflines, patios, decks, gazebos and commercial areas. 

"For events, we're happy to set up lighting arrangements for weddings, mitzvahs, fundraisers, grand openings, special events, corporate parties, graduations and parties. We can handle designing the lights, or work in conjunction with wedding or event planners," shares Todd. 

They also can provide decorative, light-accompanying wreaths and trees, such as fanciful cherry blossom and birch. 

"And we keep customers off of teetering ladders by designing, installing, maintaining, taking down and storing lighting for holidays, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Fourth of July," he adds. 

Anchored from a large warehouse, Todd says holiday lights are leased to customers and custom-cut to each home's rooflines. "We then store them for customers in organized, QR-coded boxes."

Todd and his wife/co-owner, Shannon, make a cohesive business team, based on their relationship that actually began in preschool. Todd has 25 years of corporate experience in sales and leadership roles, and he passionately supports Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee as a board member. Shannon's volunteerism often is provided to schools and other community endeavors. They also are members of the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development. They say they enjoy Nashville's live music, boating, traveling and watching SEC football. 

The Lawrences' daughter, Maddie, also contributes to the Blingle team as a lighting design consultant. She earned a bachelor's degree in marketing at Mississippi State University.

Blingle of Nashville West Tennessee is a member of the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals.

All three Lawrences indicate community isn’t just at the core of why they do what they do at Blingle. "It’s the life and soul of our operations. Making events and spaces lively and bright isn’t possible without a community dedicated to fellowship and compassion for others. Our community members, neighbors and friends coming together in the name of celebration and unity not only gives us business opportunities, but a chance to help turn events or homes into unforgettable experiences," says Shannon. "So, host that business outing. Invite that neighbor to the barbecue. Celebrate that birthday. We can’t wait to help you elevate the experience along the way."


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