You Deserve a Break

Let Blush Dry Bar Pamper You

See a need, meet a need.

The everyday can be a grind. And it takes time and effort to look and feel your best.

Work, school and chores are usually the bare minimum. Then there’s making sure you are feeding yourself (and maybe a family) the appropriate number of square meals a day, sleep enough but not too much, and drink the allotted amount of water that will keep you appropriately hydrated. All of this while also chauffeuring everyone around town, meeting deadlines, attending appointments – oh, and don’t forget sunscreen.

For some, that doesn’t leave bandwidth in the day to make the extra effort of makeup or hairstyling. Perhaps, post-pandemic, those skills are a little out of practice.

Brandi Martinez was working as a stylist at a local salon when her allergy to chemicals in the products became too overwhelming. In an effort to still practice her passion while minding her health and the health of her customers, she opened Blush Dry Bar in Colorado Springs.

Blush provides hairstyling and makeup services; they also specialize in lash extensions and application. Martinez notes they have recently added spray tan as a service, and all of these services can be provided with a beverage in hand as Martinez has acquired a liquor license for her establishment.

They really do provide the full package.

Martinez and her staff have served brides and bridal parties, those attending military balls, prom and other special occasions. Booking time at Blush is also a great opportunity to get dolled up with friends before a night out on the town or even to get pampered before a family photo shoot or a date night.

The possibilities are endless – and you deserve a break.

Website: https://theblushsaloncs.com/
Facebook + Instagram: @theblushsaloncs

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