Goals That Truly Motivate Us

Consider Prioritizing Your Health, Not the Numbers on a Scale

It’s a fresh start, a new year, and many of us are brimming with resolutions. Statistically, a whopping 48% aim to lose weight. But let’s be real, nobody truly wants to lose weight. Dieting means sacrificing beloved food, while the gym often feels like torture… I’m talking about the Stairmaster.

So, what if we shifted our focus? Instead of obsessing over numbers on a scale, why not set goals that truly motivate us?

For me, it’s a sweater. A cozy piece I adored before life (and maybe a few extra pounds) intervened. When I tried it on recently, the fit was...unforgiving. Now, that sweater sits proudly at the front of my closet, a constant reminder of my goal: to wear it again, and with pride.

Sure, it’s a silly goal, but it’s mine. And when I resist those cheese fries, I have a little chuckle and whisper, "This is for you, Sweater."

And it’s not just about weight. Let’s move beyond the singular focus on pounds lost and consider our overall health. This year, my goals are diverse: a waistline goal (inspired by the sweater!), a body scan target, specific blood work results, and more.

Remember, many diseases are treatable when detected early. We regularly take our cars for diagnostics yet neglect our own well-being. We wait for the "check engine" light before seeking medical attention.

Let’s change that. Let’s make 2024 the year we prioritize our health, not just a number on the scale. Share your health goals with me! Text me at 405.532.6969, and let’s hold each other accountable on this journey to a healthier, happier you.

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