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You’ll Never Be Alone

Join the new surge of Broncos owners who love to go off-roading

Tim and Jolie Rodriguez have lived in Colorado for almost 8 years, and they are outdoor enthusiasts. Tim is an avid fly fisherman, while Jolie loves skiing and hiking. But it’s off-roading that brings their adventures together. Before buying their 2021 Bronco, they’d been off-roading together for 18 years using ATVs and UTVs. After being on a two-year waiting list, their Bronco, named Nellie, opened a world of new heights, wildlife, and community. 

Tim says of the wait, “While many early reservation holders became frustrated with the extended wait times, there weren’t many who were disappointed with their decision to wait it out. It allowed me to plan for a never-ending set of upgrades and customizations.”

Nellie is a Badlands model with Sasquatch and Lux packages. She has a 2.7 twin turbo with a V6 engine and a 10-speed automatic transmission. Her upgrades include a 2.5-inch lift, improved steering components, 37-inch tires, and off-road lighting; her color is Area 51.

“What’s awesome about Colorado is there are so many great off-road trails, and the community is super friendly,” Jolie says. Tim and Jolie’s favorite trails include Tin Cup Pass, St. Elmo near Buena Vista, Yankee Boy Basin near Ouray, the Gulches and Rainbow Falls near Colorado Springs, and Elwood Pass near Pagosa Springs.

Jolie also shares two resources that are great for trail locations and details. The first is an app called Gaia GPS: Off-Road Hiking Maps, and the second is a book called Colorado Backroads & 4-Wheel-Drive Trails by Charles A. Wells and Matt Peterson.

Tim and Jolie go off-roading seasonally. They are part of a Facebook group called Colorado Bronco Owners, where new and old Bronco owners share in their adventures. They go off-roading together on a regular basis, usually a couple of times a month in season. "My favorite thing about owning Nellie is the time it allows me to spend with my wife, enjoying our time together, exploring the great outdoors,” Tim says.

And Nellie’s long-awaited upgrades give them a head start to their adventures. “I look forward to exploring new areas,” Tim says. “Specifically, remote areas that are off the beaten path. Nellie helps us get there.”