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A Testimonial of EmSculpt by Elite Body and Med Spa

How did you hear about Elite Body and Med Spa's EmSculpt procedure?

I made a visit to see Dr. Jeffrey Donner at Colorado Spine Institute because of my severe back pain caused by a boating accident nine years ago. I shattered a vertebra and tore a major muscle in my core abdominal area. The pain associated with this injury has kept me from being able to strengthen my core on my own through exercise. Dr. Donner recommended I try EmSculpt, which he now offers through Elite Body and Med Spa.

What is EmSculpt?

Emsculpt is a non-invasive HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology that requires no downtime. The Emsculpt procedure involves four visits, twice a week for two weeks. During each 30-minute treatment session, the Emsculpt will deliver approximately 20,000 strong muscle contractions to the treatment area. It is not painful, but afterward, you may be sore like an intense workout. This treatment builds muscle and burns fat. The treatment focuses on the abdominal and buttock muscles, and results are seen in as little as four weeks.

What was the treatment like?

It was a very quiet and relaxing environment. The staff was very professional. Jenna and Dee did a great job of educating and talking me through everything that was going to happen. They made me feel very comfortable. The device was laid on my stomach for 30 minutes while my abdominal muscles contracted. It was not painful.

How did you feel after the treatment?

I could feel what felt like an intense abdominal workout. At the same time, I also felt core stabilization and less pain. In each subsequent treatment, the pain subsided even more. I look forward to additional treatments as I can say with 100% confidence, EmSculpt helped with my pain!

Jack VanAusdall

Owner of Hands On Health Therapeutic Massage 

Practicing 27 years in Loveland

Inventor of A Better Walker

Family Man