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Turning Your Dream For Building A Custom Home Into Reality

Here are some tips that could make a winning experience and lead you to a great outcome:

While You're Dreaming Don't Be Afraid to Hire An Architect

It's likely that your first home was not a custom built home but now you're ready to build the house of your dreams.  It may be a thrilling time and you may think it's going to be an exciting opportunity, but this will only be true if you have the perfect plan for getting there.  If you've lived in other houses you will know what will best suit your needs, and what will work for you and your family's lifestyle.  There are so many choices to make to create a home that is the perfect fit. Working with an architect can help you bring your vision to life while creating your new home.  It may be fun to work on achieving your new dream home, but it can also be a very stressful experience.  Professional architects, realtors and custom builders will know what you're feeling and can help guide you through the process to make it as painless as possible.   Just remember to get everything in writing.

Your Realtor Can be Your Best Friend 

It's a great idea to cultivate a relationship with a qualified, experienced realtor to help educate you about the neighborhoods in the area where you'd like to build.  Your realtor can help you target areas that may be most suitable for the home.  Even though you're building, location can still be everything for an enjoyable life.  Your realtor may also know the best custom builders and can help you evaluate those that are best suited to work with you for what you're trying to create.  Build for the future and anticipate your family's needs in your plans.

Choosing Your Custom Home Builder

Evaluate the custom builders by interviewing the ones on your short list.  Choose a trustworthy builder that has an honest reputation for delivering products that past customers love and are proud of.  Custom builders typically build one-of-a-kind houses and do not build for inventory.  Custom built homes can give you the opportunity to create all the features you'd like to have but every custom builder is not necessarily capable of building all that you want. The best custom builders love creating unique homes that please their clients for years to come.  Review referrals, references and reviews from their previous customers.  Visit previous projects completed by the custom builder and those currently in progress.  Even talk to the owners.  You should verify that the custom builder has the financial strength and strong relationships with subcontractors to complete your project in the estimated time frame.  Check the builder's qualifications.  Is the builder licensed, bonded and insured?   Asking questions or inquiring about a builder's reputation and credentials should not be considered intrusive.  You are just verifying that you're working with the best, capable builder who has the resources and skills for completing your project.  Make sure your builder understands the zoning and permitting requirements in the area too.

Know Your Budget and Watch Your Dollars

Before you select an architect and custom builder, know where you stand financially. Know your budget before you start.  Sticking to a budget can be difficult when building a custom home.  Knowing the most important aspects you need in your home may help alleviate sticker shock as you progress.   

Be Patient and Don't Rush Perfection

It can take time to create greatness. It may take months, even years between the time you start talking with professionals and the time you're ready to move in.  Communication is key every step of the way.  Be realistic about delays.  Keep in mind - delays are common in the world of construction.

Enjoy Your Dream Home

Tiffany Sears and The Sears Group with Keller Williams South Park are experienced in assisting clients with building their dreams.  Reach out to them at 704/565-5746, and