Your Environment Always Wins

Create An Environment That Supports The Life You Want To Live

When coaching with Environmental Design, clients and I explore 9 Primary Environments: Self, Spiritual, Body, Tech, Memetic, Financial, Relationship, Network, and Physical. Through this process, clients fine-tune their awareness and consciously create within each environment to reduce stress and set themselves up for success.  

A primary exercise involves scanning each environment for energy leaks. Once the leaks, or tolerations, are eliminated, clients can curate each environment to support what’s most important to them.

To get started, you can begin zapping tolerations in your Physical environment today. The easiest fixes include cleaning what’s dirty, fixing what’s broken, decluttering what’s out of date or unused, and releasing things you don’t enjoy.  

When left unattended, these things pull our attention and detract from our experience. When tolerations pile up they can contribute to general feelings of restlessness, anxiety, and overwhelm.

When your energy is not drained by your environment, you have more energy for generative things that contribute to the quality of your life.

After your first round of zapping tolerations, notice if there is anything you are holding on to that doesn’t spark joy, holds negative attachments, or undermines your intentions. By clearing things out that do not serve you, you make space for new things that do.

Next, look at what’s missing. What can you add to make your space more enjoyable and to support you in living the way you want to live?

For example, imagine you have a goal to eat healthier. Using Environmental Design in the kitchen, you can identify barriers to eating healthier, as well as positive triggers to encourage healthy habits. If a desirable action is difficult (i.e. prepping whole foods) and undesirable actions easy (i.e. grabbing processed foods from the pantry), you are more likely to choose the easier option. In this way, “the environment always wins.” When your environment is set up for success, it inspires, prompts, and propels you along your desired path.

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