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Your Goals—Our Passion

The Only Boutique-Style Indoor Cycling Studio in Western Massachusetts

Fun. Energetic. Motivating. Inspiring. These are all words used by members to describe the Roots Cycle experience and exactly the vision Kari Demarinis had when launching the studio. The Roots brand has been a household name in the area for almost 12 years, with businesses including Roots Gymnastics, Root Learning Center, Roots Fitness and Aquatics, Roots Athletic Center, and most recently, Roots Cycle. Operating cutting edge, state of the art facilities and programming, Kari always wanted to offer cycling. And, if you are a fitness enthusiast, you are no stranger to the spin classes that hit the scene almost 20 years ago.

Kari knew there was an opportunity to bring a unique experience to the Pioneer Valley, an experience that transcended burning calories and working out. Kari and her staff started doing their research, which included taking cycling classes across the United States. They went from boutique studio to boutique studio, getting a sense of the exact vibe they wanted. It wasn’t long before they found what they were seeking: an instructor in Manhattan who had the right mix of musicality, on-trend programming and enthusiasm. 

With the guidance of the NYC instructor, Roots began building their cycling studio and creating a training room for their instructors. They were committed to the quality and the high energy found in urban areas, and they knew they needed the right instructors. The Roots Cycle team is made up of individuals with a passion for fitness who believe in the Roots brand and possess the musicality and charisma required to inspire others. Initially, the staff trained for four months; they shadowed a minimum of 8-10 rides per week, learned to find the beat in the music, compiled playlists and choreography for review, and auditioned before master trainers.

Roots' mission statement is to plant the seeds for healthy bodies and minds, and in March of 2018, Roots Cycle opened for business. When you take a class for the first time, you'll discover that the Roots ride is a physical and emotional experience. Every class showcases a new playlist and new choreography, burning up to 700 calories per 45 minute ride. Not only will you find a full-body workout that will get you in the best shape of your life, but you will discover the community aspect that keeps you coming back. Anybody can do it! Book your free ride today.

"I'm someone who always wants to be active, but never really enjoys working out—until now!" —Amy Henegan

"One of the most fun experiences I've had working out and some of the best results, too." —Olivia Werenski

"I honestly never thought exercising was fun and dreaded everything about it. Roots Cycle changed that for me." —Melissa Lambert

"Music turns up. Lights go down. We bring the towels. At a Roots Cycle class, get ready to sweat! From beginners to experts, our 45-minute rides will challenge you. Choose from a Rhythm Ride or Rhythm Power Ride. Track your stats or simply lose yourself in the ride!"