Your Guide To Hair Coloring + Toning


Article by Hayley Hyer

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No matter if you are looking to try out a new permanent style or just find a quick fix until your next salon appointment, you can take the reins on your hair color and get the look you want. Use this as your hair color treatment guide.

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How to Safely Bleach Your Own Hair

If you've never put strong chemicals on your hair by yourself before, it can feel pretty scary. Bleach definitely doesn't have the best smell! But I, a very normal person with no professional cosmetology training, have learned how to lighten my own hair. And you can too.

How to Do Your Own Shadow Root

Did your stylist do a shadow root for you before your salon closed and you want to learn how to touch it up? Do you have no idea what a shadow root is? Either way, this article is for you! As I mentioned in my previous article, How to Safely Bleach Your Own Hair [link]my hairstylist did a shadow root for me when he colored my hair blonde so that it would look natural with my dark brown eyebrows and have that modern, lived-in look. It also helped me go a lot longer between touch-ups because my natural hair color would blend in with the shadow root as it started to grow out.

But alas, it eventually got too long, and I had quite a bit of dark hair growing in. So, I did an all over bleach, and the next step will be to add the shadow root back in. If you already have light hair all over, you're ready for this step. If not, you'll need to first lighten your hair to be all one shade, whether that just means touching up your roots or bleaching all of your hair.

Temporary Products to Cover Your Roots

Times are tough, and our roots are popping out! If you're nervous about trying to color your own hair or just don't want to have to keep putting such strong chemicals on your scalp, here are some temporary solutions for those important video calls or your grocery store outings.

How to Pick a Toner for Your Hair

I love a good toner. It can bring brassy tones back to cool or add some lovely golden hues to make the sun shine brightly off of your hair. No matter what your current hair color is, there's a toner that can give you the pep in your step that you've been missing.

Clear Gloss Hair Treatments for Shine

Whether you color your hair or not, a clear glossy toner is sure to make your hair shiny and fresh looking. Without adding any color or putting your hair through a damaging process, you can add a little something extra.

Treatment types vary, but it is usually a clear gel or a conditioner that you will apply all over your hair and leave on for about 15 minutes. Rinse it out, and you are done. It's that easy! Once you are hooked, you can continue to do treatments weekly or every other week.

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