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Give Your Home A New Look Without Breaking The Bank

For the past 15 years, GreenRose, the design-build firm founded by Steve Moran and Ken Malian, has been helping homeowners design, renovate and build their dream homes, many of which have been in the Somerset Hills. 

The Chester-based company, which has won awards for interior design and service, approaches the process in a concierge-like way by designing spaces that are then turned over to GreenRose's general contracting team to complete. In addition, Moran, a licensed Realtor with Turpin Realtors, works with clients who wish to sell a home and guides them with their staging needs. 

Refreshing your home can be easy and inexpensive, says Malian, who suggests starting with your front door, which is the focal point for curb appeal. “The sun can beat up a door. A simple fix is to first remove any mold and mildew, sand it down and then paint it with a new color,” he says. “Shades of red are classic but not as popular today as shades of periwinkle, lavender and Black Forest green, for example.” 

Finish your door transformation by putting in a new porch light or sconces, which can blend traditional with a more modern twist. Get bonus points for pairing those sconces with larger versions on driveway posts.

Smarten up your home’s exterior by giving it a fresh coat of paint or, at a minimum, power washing. Another game-changer is replacing any screwed-down window shutters for real, working shutters on hinges and including the “shutter dogs” that hold the shutters in place. “Back in the day, working shutters needed them, plus they add a touch of authenticity,” Malian says. “Then add some whimsy with one of the many available styles.” 

“Before you paint, trim or remove overgrown bushes and trees that have grown against the house. You’ll be surprised by how much more light you’ll have and how much larger your house will look,” Moran says. “Add up-lighting on trees and bushes for a sophisticated look.”

Inside your home switch out old light fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms in favor of the more stunning LED choices available.

If new kitchen cabinets aren’t in the cards, Malian and Moran suggest professionally painting them and adding a fresh new tile backsplash. “While there are natural materials for floors like stone or marble, porcelain tiles today are amazing reproductions that are less porous and are at a lower price point,” Malian says. 

You can revive worn wood floors by refinishing them. “Dark stains are much less au courant in favor of a whitewash with a hint of taupe,” Moran says. “And gone are the days of shiny wooden floors: Today’s preference is for matte—or at least satin—finishes.”

“Your house is often your biggest financial investment, but we get so used to how things look that we live with the scuffs, wear, tear and the other dated components,” Malian says. “When you take care of the details and make your house shine you’ll really ‘Love where you Live.’” 

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