Your Local Holiday Gift Guide

Not sure what to give? Look no further than these fantastic gift ideas that’ll make your holiday unique and meaningful

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, “I don’t want anything for Christmas this year” or “Save your money, I don’t need anything” and the mother of all platitudes, “Your company is the only gift I need.” Holiday hogwash. You want a good Christmas gift, and you know it. So does your neighbor, your friend, and your kid’s teacher. Your daycare lady doesn’t want another coffee mug, your kids don’t want underwear, and believe me when I say your Mom DOES NOT WANT NOODLE ART. It’s time to take back the power. Do it passively or do it aggressively, just do it. Make yourself a good, old-fashioned wish list. Create it on Amazon, write it on the back of your Target receipt, or carve it in stone, petroglyph style. Then share it. Take this gift guide out, highlight, circle, or write your name by your favorites like you did when you were a kid. Then leave it open on the counter. Or repeat after me, “This year I want *insert something that you totally deserve because you’re awesome* for Christmas.” Ralphie’s Christmas loot would’ve come to a screeching halt after the famous deranged bunny suit pajama incident had he not been relentless in his pursuit of getting an “official Red Ryder carbine action, 200-shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time.” Nearly 30 times in the movie, by the way. The kid knew what he was doing. 

Think about it this way, if you’re a passenger on the minimalist train, wouldn’t you rather make space in your house for something you love instead of another scarf? Or some say ‘tis better to give than to receive so be your generous self and look at your list as the gift of stress-free shopping. 

Maybe triple-circling the Christmas Cider candle (raises hand) feels a little forward but what’s wrong with feeling a little of that nostalgia, when Christmas was all about the pile of presents under the tree? Of course, we know in our heart of hearts that the true meaning of Christmas is peace on earth and goodwill toward men but there’s a sweetness in reliving one of the most memorable Christmas time traditions of dropping your letter in the mail and dreaming about its journey to the North Pole. And opening that special something? There was nothing better. Ralphie schemed, he blurted, and he even straight up asked Jolly Old St. Nick himself. If he pressed on, despite the incessant warning that he’d shoot his eye out, you can make a little list and drop a few hints. It’s homemade bunny suit pajamas or a BB gun. It’s up to you.

For Pet Lovers

Santa doesn’t forget his reindeer on Christmas, gifting them with hay and carrots, so read on for adorable ideas for your furry friends. Support local business Paws Inn Pet Essentials! Louise, the Golden Retriever door greeter will probably suggest the unique Kong scrunchie to keep Tigger the tabby cat busy. Or add Minnesota-made Finley’s apple and cinnamon treats from Sam & Friends to Bella the beagle’s treat jar. Geez Santa, step up your game!

1. Pet Bandana, Bowtie, Pajamas

Paws Inn Pet Essentials


2. Human and Dog Sock Set

Paws Inn Pet Essentials


3. Kong Active Cat Scrunchie Toy

Paws Inn Pet Essentials


4. Doyan World Wobbler Treat and Catnip Dispensing Toy

Paws Inn Pet Essentials


5. LickiMat

Paws Inn Pet Essentials


6. Chrismutts Rum Dog Toy

Paws Inn Pet Essentials


7. Buffalo Plaid Pet Collar

Paws Inn Pet Essentials


8. Hip Doggie Cable Knit Sweater

Paw’s Inn Pet Essential


9. Finley Dog Treats

Sam & Friends 


For Him and Her

Here it is, all laid out for you. Look at all the white space in the margins for your name! There’s the Rose + Pom beanie that’s definitely the missing element in your outdoor winter ensemble. Or get creative with the Seigle Woodgrain Designs serving board for your Christmas movie marathon or an evening ornament exchange with friends. Don’t forget to pick up your name tag that reads ‘best gift giver’ after you present a few of these to your nearest and dearest. As you walk down the streets loading your arms with shopping bags, let the sense of our local communities seep in. 

10. Laketown Soap Co. Candles


11. Laketown Soap Co. Soap


12. Winter Stocking Hat


13. Able Necklace


14. His and Her Rings

Infinity Diamond Jewelers

Prices vary. Visit store for details.

15. Lake Waconia Choppers


16. Earrings

The Stash of Waconia


17. 7 Year Straight Bourbon Whiskey

J. Carver Distillery and fine liquor stores


18. Custom Serving Board and Coasters

Siegle Woodgrain Designs


For the Kids

Tamper down your kids’ urge to add “see Wiggles live” to their list and head to Sam & Friends, known for their friendly employees and colorful, unique items for all ages. When you want to bring your kids together for some good old-fashioned quality time, it’s your one-stop shop for games, puzzles, and craft supplies. And when family time turns into fed-up time, you might have to borrow the Beats headphones.

19. Beats by Dre

Prices vary

20. Gizmo Watch


21. Rudolph Squishmallow


22. Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag


23. Poop Bingo


24. Just Between Us Journals

$16.95 each 

25. Window Cling Art Kit


26. Mixed Up! Puzzle Twist Puzzle


27. ooly Art Supplies




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