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Sweet Sophistication

Before heading out on the town or hosting a stylish get together this Honey Vodka Charleston Fizz has the taste of sophistication. With the natural spring water that Spring 44 Distillery uses from their artesian spring well to distill their spirits you can’t go wrong! For a more traditional take on the  Charleston Fizz, Spring 44 Distillery has a couple different gins to use in place of the Honey Vodka.   

Honey Vodka Charleston Fizz


4 oz Spring 44 Honey Vodka

6 oz Grapefruit juice

1 oz Elderflower Liqueur

2 oz Simple Syrup

3 Sprigs of tarragon, 4 for garnish

Club Soda

Serving size: 2 drinks


  • Combine the vodka, grapefruit juice, elderflower liqueur, and  simple syrup to a martini shaker 

  • Add ice and tarragon springs and shake vigorously

  •  Pour Over ice into rocks glasses and add a splash of club soda 

  • Garnish with sprigs of tarragon and a grapefruit slice or lemon rind twist

Spring 44 Distillery

505 W 66th Street 

Loveland, Colorado