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A Delicious Dessert Cocktail

+ 6 oz Baileys Original Irish Cream
+ 6 oz Strong, hot coffee

+ 2 oz Chopped chocolate

+ 4 Tbsp Soft brown sugar

+ 4 oz Lady finger biscuits

+ 8 oz Mascarpone cheese

+ 1 oz Chocolate Espresso Vinegar from Olive and Herb

+ 1 oz Caramel Sugar from Olive and Herb (for the rim)

+ 1 oz Dark Cocoa Sugar from Olive and Herb (for the rim)

+ Cocoa Powder, coffee beans, and chocolate flakes to garnish

Serving size: 2 drinks


+ Rim the martini glass with Chocolate Espresso Vinegar and dip the rim into a mixture of Caramel Sugar and Dark Cocoa Sugar. Drizzle the Chocolate Espresso Vinegar in the bottom of the glass.

+ Mix the coffee, sugar, and chocolate until smooth. Set aside to cool.

+ Blend Baileys and biscuit crumbs with four ice cubes until smooth.

+ Place the mascarpone cheese in a bowl and slowly add Bailey’s mixture until smooth.

+ Pour the coffee mixture into the martini glass.

+ Spoon the Baileys mascarpone mixture on top.

+ Garnish with a combination of chocolate flakes, cocoa powder, coffee beans, and the Chocolate Espresso Vinegar.

Olive and Herb

5865 Sky Pond Dr G168

Loveland, CO 80538


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