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Your Partners in Home Sales and Renovation

Meet a Couple of Pros

Husband and wife Kyle and Andrea Vorachek are not only a team in their personal lives, but are also a dynamic duo in business. Married for 13 years and expecting their first child in June, the Edina couple has worked together most of their lives.

Employed in the same construction company for many years, in 2018 they decided to combine their skills and start their own company, Neighborly Property Group, in Edina. With Kyle’s construction experience, and Andrea’s real estate skills, its unique and custom services are unlike most other companies.

“I've always wanted to be a real estate agent, but the timing wasn’t always right,” says Andrea. “When we started to launch our own company, I was more than happy to get my license and finally be able to do my dream job. I truly love working with and helping people and I think what makes a really good agent is genuinely caring for your clients.”

Of course, having both a renovation and remodeling expert and a real estate agent working together in one company is a real coup for clients. In this tough market, buyers aren’t always getting the exact house they want, but with Neighborly, they have the ability to purchase a home with Andrea and then have Kyle and his team turn it into the home of their dreams. Or, if a client is looking to sell a home with Andrea, but it needs some work, Kyle can come in and get the house ready to list for the best possible price.

Another thing that makes Neighborly really stand out is its boutique service. “We don’t take on a ton of projects because we really value personal relationships,” says Kyle. “When we work with customers, we form bonds that last beyond the length of the project. That’s why the majority of our business is through referrals because people really enjoy the attention that we give to their projects on an individual basis.”

Adds Andrea, “On the real estate side, what we really hang our hat on is what I would call a concierge service. We can do everything from beginning to end from the time we meet with the client for their initial listing consultation. We handle the staging, connect them with any vendors they would need to get their house ready for sale, and then from there do the professional photography and videography that make our listings stand out. Once it’s sold, we can even help secure movers.”

Neighborly Property Group is partnered with Keller Williams Realty. “I interviewed with so many brokers and Keller Williams just stood out,” says Andrea. “They very much put their clients first and have a culture of integrity. A statistic just came out that our brokerage accounted for 12% of all transactions in the Twin Cities Metro area in 2021. When you think about how many brokerages and agents there are, the fact that our four offices (Edina, Minneapolis, Minnetonka, and Otsego) handled 12% of all transactions is pretty impressive.” The Neighborly real estate team has been built slowly with top tier agents whose values match the company mission and vison.

Their construction team, says Kyle, is also incredible. “We've intentionally gone out and hired talented individuals who are the best at what they do so that we can provide a high quality, reliable product.”

One of the bigger transformations they've done was on a home on Green Farms Road in Edina. “A hail storm hit Edina and we were able to get all the windows in the house replaced through insurance with new premium Pella windows,” he says. “I then sat down with the homeowner to discuss doing something really incredible with their home. It was really dark and dreary with this brown brick and I think they'd been wanting to do something for a while and this was the perfect opportunity to make it the home they've always wanted.

“We changed the outside color on the windows from brown to black which is on trend and got rid of the old style grid patterns in the glass. They're in a beautiful setting with a wooded backyard and they wanted to be able to bring that inside a little bit. We also painted all the brick white and it just had a profound effect on the curb appeal of the home and the overall appearance.”

Another project was on Ewing Avenue South. “On that one we did a complete exterior remodel - new roof, new gutters, new siding, and new windows. The home was really dated and we worked with the homeowner to go through a design process. We used 3D modeling software so they could see the finished product before we even got started.”

Then unexpectedly, the homeowners had to relocate, but Andrea was there to list their home. “We ended up not only finishing the exterior remodel, but then I staged, prepped and got the house sold in a weekend in multiple offers over asking price,” she says. “We actually set a record sale price for that neighborhood for a rambler that had not been fully torn down or to the studs renovation.”

One of the best things about Neighborly Property Group, says Kyle, is doing it as a team. “We get to share this amazing dream of what this company is now and what it can become with all of our team members.”

A shared vision they have been able to unite under as a team is the company’s foundational principle of philanthropy. “One of the reasons we started our own business was because we wanted to be able to give back to the local and global community,” says Kyle. “We donate 10% of our profits to multiple nonprofit organizations every year. We also volunteer our time, along with our employees. It's been really humbling to see the impact that we've been able to have in just a short amount of time and we're excited as we grow to give more and more and have an even greater impact. I think it’s pretty cool that when you work with Neighborly, you know that something good is happening both in your home and around the world.”

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