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Your Pup Needs Exercise Too!

Dogs are like people. they need to exercise to stay happy and healthy too.

It’s easy to forget dogs need exercise until you see your pup racing crazily through your house for seemingly no reason. The truth is that that behavior typically means they have a lot of pent-up energy they need to let out!

When you make sure your dog has enough physical activity, you’re ensuring he or she has a healthy heart and will live a long, full life. Exercising with your dog has even more benefits: You will not only get your own physical activity but will also strengthen the bond between you and your four-legged friend.

How much dog exercise is enough?

The amount of exercise your dog needs depends on several factors. Dog age, breed and physical condition determine a lot.

A puppy’s body is still developing, so a puppy does better with several short bursts of activity throughout the day. Because a puppy is still growing, long walks or runs may not be appropriate or advised until they’re older. This is where consulting with your vet comes into play. Your vet can examine your dog and make sure he or she can handle a long walk.

Outdoor activities to exercise your dog

The options for outdoor exercises come with the bonus of outside sniffing opportunities. Providing various outdoor activities helps stimulate their mind, as well. Walking, running, swimming, cycling, and playing fetch all provide the physical and mental stimulation your pup needs.

Remember to keep your dog’s safety in mind. Exercising outside when it’s extremely hot or cold can be just as dangerous for them as for humans. Outside activities also mean encountering pests or allergens, so keep your pup up to date on vaccinations and flea and tick medications.

Indoor exercises for rainy days

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, there are plenty of fun things you can do indoors! As with outdoor fun, try a variety of inside games to see what your dog prefers. Also, be sure to change up your routines to keep him or her mentally stimulated. Dogs tend to get bored easily. Simple actions like climbing the stairs, playing tug of war, or a rousing game of hide and seek are all activities that family members of all ages can play. Indoor exercises can serve as wonderful compliments to an outdoor exercise regimen. Be sure to move any breakables away from your activity area. Watch your dog for signs of fatigue, like excessive panting, and stop play immediately if you have concerns.

Take a holistic approach to your pup’s health and wellness

Dogs need and benefit from exercise just like people. Like us, it’s important to know your dog’s physical limits. It’s also important to ensure you stay up with their overall health and wellness.

Scenthound is a wellness-focused, membership-based service providing hygiene essentials and grooming for your dog, now with two locations in Gainesville. Routine care, combined with love, good nutrition, and exercise helps ensure your pup has a long, clean, and healthy life!

Gainesville SW Haile Market Square 2835 SW 91st Street, Gainesville, FL 32608 (352) 505-8435

Millhopper location: Millhopper Square Coming Soon. 

Your pup needs exercise too! Dogs are like people in a lot of ways, including their need to exercise to stay happy and healthy

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