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Remember: You Are the Hero and the Author

When we reflect on the events that shape our lives, we often recount the intricate stories that led us to those moments. It's not a simple one-word response when someone asks, "What happened?" or prompts us to share an experience. Instead, we immerse them in the narrative, detailing the who, where, what and why of the events that unfolded.

We embrace storytelling. At this very moment, you might be undergoing one of the most significant and impactful moments in your life. Whatever it may be, I want to convey this important message: what you are experiencing is just a single chapter in your life. No matter the nature of this chapter, always remember that you are the author of your own story. 

Closing the chapter: The end of a chapter doesn't mean forgetting, moving on as if nothing ever happened. In any great story, a chapter ends with a cliffhanger; it can be a great accomplishment or a tragic event. Both require the main character to decide whether this will end the story or more extraordinary things will come.

Will the hero of the tale overcome the tragedy? How will our hero grow from the event, regardless of whether the event is good, bad, or ugly? The ending of a chapter of your life doesn't remove it from the book that is your life; it merely means the beginning of a new part. The latest chapter, with all the experiences and memories of the past, is coupled with the future opportunity. 

Writing the Next Chapter: Did you know the first astronauts who walked on the moon suffered from depression after they returned to Earth? After all the parades and interviews ended, the astronauts were facing a significant question they had to ask themselves: "What do I do now?”

Think about it; they set a goal to walk on the moon, and they did it! These guys were still young, with many more years left to live. Their story wasn't over, but a vast chapter had just concluded. They could not continue to live in the chapter that was “Walking on the Moon.”

Moving into the next chapter takes time and effort. You may have loved the hero of the last chapter and loved who you were before the event that changed everything. Now you are faced with moving forward to keep the story going. To begin writing the next chapter, you must name it.

Give a Title to the New Chapter: What will you call the next chapter of your life? Will it be “What I did after running Marathon,” “What I learned from Loss” or “Moving forward when I didn’t want to.”

Give the new chapter of your life a name. The name of the chapter is the goal you want to accomplish. Then move into that story and begin living the life of that chapter. 

Never stop believing you are the hero of your story as well as the author of it. Others may come in and out of your story, but they are just characters. Some are the main characters that will be with you for a long time, and others will just be supporting characters for only a few chapters. 

Peter Levinson is the eXp Branch Office Broker for the Levinson Real Estate Team. Find more information at or call 405.285.5750.