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You're Classic!

Austin jeweler Kat Stokes suggests the five timeless pieces every woman should aspire to own

No matter what your style, jewelry is an essential in any wardrobe. It can be the foundation of a look or the final missing piece. Learning to be more adventurous with your jewelry is key in growing a unique, personalized collection. Expand outside your comfort zone with these five timeless pieces every girl needs in their jewelry box to celebrate every day.

1.     Stylish studs

It’s time to upgrade your starter stud! While we all love a traditional single-diamond stud, less isn’t always more when it comes to such a dainty piece. Your unique style begins with the tiniest of details, so stand out from step one! These buildable earrings are the perfect tools to mix and match your everyday jewelry or even add a subtle pop of color. You can even switch up their placement day-to-day to make a single piece feel new again! The versatility and subtlety of these studs make them a must-have for every girl. Go beyond your starter set and expand your horizons with a new piercing and stud at our next Korman piercing party!

2.      Classic diamond tennis bracelet for glam on the go

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then you’ll make lifelong memories with this diamond tennis bracelet. Its mixed- shape diamond pattern revamps this classic piece, where luxury meets wearability. With a sparkle that will brighten your day, this bracelet elevates any and every look, from athletic-wear to a cocktail dress! It’s the perfect finishing touch you’ll find yourself reaching for every day.

3. Wear-everyday ring stack

Every jewelry box needs more than just silver and gold! It’s time to take off the training wheels and take your jewelry game to the next level with timeless colored jewels. Choose from ruby, emerald, or blue sapphire in this Single Stone Large Karina ring to make a dazzling statement that is sure to be a conversation starter. The yellow gold set makes it an easy addition to any jewelry collection. Layer with a classic gold band and (of course) add some diamonds, and the ring stack of your dreams is ready to shine!

4.  Edgy layered necklaces 

Layered necklaces are a necessity. These necklaces by Sethi Couture are the combo every girl-boss needs to add a little bit of edge to your wardrobe and elevate the everyday. Old meets new with this classic gold and black diamond duo. Wear throughout your workday and into the night, looking and feeling your best!

5. Show-stopping diamond earrings

The crown jewel item every little girl dreams of. Let’s face it, we’ve all sneakily snagged these from our mother’s jewelry box at one point, or gazed at them through a store-front window. The time has come to make your daydream a reality and reward yourself with your very own diamond hoops. Everyone needs a set of earrings they can break out to celebrate a special occasion, or on the days they want a little extra sparkle!

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