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You're Moving Here! Now What?

A Local Expert's Guide to Moving to Westport/Weston

Moving has a lot of moving parts. Emptying one's home down to the last paperclip and then filling up another is just the beginning. We turned to moving export Tracey Reeves, owner and founder of boutique concierge home service Home on the Porch, to make a check list of what to do when re-locating to Westport or Weston.

Drivers License: If out of state you have 30 days to change to a CT DL. Contact the DMV for information.

Essentials: Instead of searching for move-in necessities among your boxes, order for delivery: garbage bags, light bulbs, cleaning products, paper blinds, etc. 

Movers: Consider an experienced local moving company who knows the town. I like Purcell Movers, (203) 227-2518

Locksmith: Schedule lock change for the day you collect your keys. 

Garbage: Get ahead with a weekly pick up; it piles up quickly.

School: New out of state residents need a CT health form completed by your pediatrician for enrollment. 

Security: Register your alarm with the Westport Police Department, 50 Jesup Road.

Cleaning: Schedule a pre-move deep clean for the interior, windows, and gutter.

Introduction: On a blank postcard write a friendly “Hi, we’re here!” and pop it into neighborhood mailboxes. 


Longshore Parks and Rec: Tennis, sailing, golf, skate park, summer camps, and so much more.

Compo Beach: Best part of summer, but you’ll need a parking sticker.

Tutors: Top Hat Tutoring by Staples High School students.

Junk Removal: Staples High School Wrestling Team drops junk at the dump, moves furniture, and helps out in the yard for tips or a team donation. or


Hiking: Great hiking trails - Devils Den alone offers over 1,700 acres of beautiful nature.

Moving Day Meal: Lunch Box restaurant delivers to you - pre-order the day before you move.

Community: Weston Garden Club: Meet people and be part of the community.

  • Tracey Reeves (Photo: Heidi Curran)