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Zerorez - The Right Way to Clean

Zerorez’s patented Zr Clean™ process means pure safety for family and pets.

Sometimes you just know when it’s right. Tanner Smith opened a Zerorez franchise in 2019 and has never looked back. Soon after arriving in the corporate world with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration, he’d felt the need to pursue something that would allow him to create a culture and positive environment in a company all his own.

“The opportunity came to move back to Florida to be closer to family and work for my father-in-law. Like many great companies, we started out in my garage,” he recalls. “It was just me and a van to show the wonderful people of Orlando what makes Zerorez different, and how we’re changing the carpet cleaning industry with patented technology and service unparalleled to anyone else.”

Three years later, he moved out of his garage and into a warehouse. The company now has four vans and five other technicians. “We work together to grow as we become the most trusted provider in our industry. We live and act by the core values of trustworthiness, service and improvement — at work and in our personal lives. This has made the biggest impact as we serve our customers and deep clean their living surfaces.”

Tanner is passionate about the path he chose to pursue. (This is where the chemical engineering comes in.) “Spelled forward or backward, Zerorez is the right way to clean. The technology was invented almost two decades ago because spots would come back after cleaning the carpets,” he explained.

“Zerorez has a patented cleaning system where we use high pH water that’s been filtered, softened and raised to a high pH with an electrolysis process to clean without leaving dirt attracting residue. We increase the pH because it cleans better, but we don’t add harsh soaps, shampoos or detergents to the water. When everything is done the floors are clean without a sticky residue, and rapid re-soiling doesn’t occur so your home will stay clean longer.”

This is important, Tanner explains, because a clean home is a healthy home.

“Our patented Zr Clean™ process means pure safety for your family and pets. Because we don’t use harsh chemicals your surfaces are perfectly safe for your family and pets, no matter how small.”

The company is rated Platinum Certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute, as well as the #1 cleaning system in the country by an independent testing laboratory.

Tanner is proud to say that in addition to their process, Zerorez has the best culture and people. “Trustworthiness is at the foundation of all that we do. I hire based on content of character, not experience. We do what it takes to leave customers with a positive experience, whether that’s flowers on Mother’s Day or handwritten thank you cards,” he shares. “People won’t remember what we said, but they will remember how we made them feel. When we leave a customer’s home, we want them to say ‘I can’t wait for Zerorez to come back again!’”

Pull quote 1:

"Zerorez cleans everything from carpet, hardwood floors, tile and grout, granite countertops, upholstery, pet (and kid) issues and area rugs to air ducts and commercial carpet and offices."

Pull quote 2:

"Safe and effective, our patented Zr Clean™ process leaves zero soapy, sticky, dirt-attracting residue behind. Just pure, healthy clean for you and your family."

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