Always Charged. Always Ready.

Lexus Hybrids could be your answer to "Range Anxiety"

 “Always Charged. Always Ready.” That is Lexus’ slogan for its line of Hybrid vehicles. Unlike many manufacturers, Lexus is targeting consumers who are concerned that an all electric or plug-in vehicle may not be right for them. Many of these shoppers suffer from so called “Range Anxiety,” a fear of being stranded with no access to an electric charge. Lexus’ solution is their tried and true formula of combining a potent gasoline engine with a powerful electric motor and a self-charging battery. It’s technology that they pioneered over 10 years ago, but after driving it, I can tell you that no one does it better.

When you approach one of these Lexus Hybrids, the first clue that it is a hybrid is the blue that surrounds the stylized L logo in the grille. Otherwise, inside and out, the car is the same as the gas only version. The real difference is in the drive. When you first turn the key, there’s not a sound; no noise from the engine bay. In fact, up to 15 MPH the gasoline engine is not even running. So, in parking lots, or pulling out of your driveway, you’ll not be using any fuel at all.

Now you’re thinking, “When that engine fires up, I’ll be able to feel it!” Not so! Unlike the sometimes annoying auto restart feature that has become common in newer cars, the Lexus engine starting and stopping is imperceptible. It’s the best I have ever felt (not felt?). The trade off? You’re not going to see 100 mpg’s . . . but you just may be able to make that 800 mile trip without worry. And, with EPA estimates in the upper 30’s to low 40’s, you’ll still be doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint.

For your own test drive visit Butler Lexus in Union City.

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