Meet The Freeze

Durran Dunn

There’s a super star in our midst, but you may not recognize him. Durran Dunn has been doubling as “The Freeze” since 2018 in the RaceTrac's “Beat The Freeze” promotion at the Atlanta Braves Baseball games.  This summer he opened a gym, securing his commitment to fitness and wellness. We caught up with Durran to chat about his home, family and race to being the best he can be.

What brought you to the Smyrna/Vinings area and why did you make your home here?

I relocated to the Atlanta-area to continue my career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and decided to not only live in Cobb County, but specifically in Smyrna-Vinings for several reasons; primarily, the proximity to in-town Atlanta and the airport, access to parks and trails, great restaurants, fun indoor and outdoor entertainment, and the growing cultural diversity of people.  Now that I have a family, I also now value the strong performing schools and the fact that it’s a great place to raise a family. Years later, I have no regrets – I have really enjoyed “Sminings” and have truly experience the community as a place that you can live, work, shop and play.  Smyrna-Vinings is accommodating to everyone irrespective of where they are their life’s journey.  I am excited to be a part of the community and even more excited about the growth and development plans.

Tell us about your family, they are your everything!

I am native of Kingston, Jamaica which is where most of my extended family currently resides.  I am married to my beautiful wife, Marie who is an Atlanta native and an excellent mother.   Our two little girls keep us busy and on our toes, while my son, Jace is quite the student-athlete.  I am fortunate that my mother lives in the area and also my two sisters.  My mother deserves a lot of credit for the strong foundation that she established for me and the prayers which have helped to sustained me to this very day. It’s also great that my in-laws are all in Georgia.

Where, in Smyrna/Vinings do you like to take a stroll? And, when you train? Where does that magic happen?

In the rare times that I am able to take leisure runs and walks, I take advantage of the Silver Comet Trail.  I enjoy the trail for its natural feel and quietness; it takes me away from life’s busy schedule and in essence resets and recalibrates me.  The magic – My disciplined training program is generally between 5-6 days per week and happens in combination between my Anytime Fitness Gym with the JamFusion Athletic Center, the track, my neighborhood streets, and sometimes nearby parks.

Where, in S/V do you like to order food/eat, shop for gifts and stop for a smoothie or coffee?

I am addicted to First Watch. I can eat almost anything from the menu and have breakfast, lunch and dinner with several healthy options that fits with my palate, but my favorite is the Pesto Chicken and Quinoa Bowl.  I really enjoy fruit smoothies so tend to shop quite a bit at Sprouts for their fresh produce. I prefer tea over coffee; in fact, I probably drink tea two to three times per day. 

If there was one wellness tip you could share with our readers, what would it be? 

If you truly want to live a life with improved and sustained mental health, physical fitness and energy, and a stronger immune system to combat illnesses, then make wellness through consistent exercise a lifestyle and enjoy the benefits.   Regardless of who you are or your current fitness level and journey, I encourage you to start just where you are and continually challenge yourself. Before you know it, you will begin to experience the change and benefits.  This is one of the reason I now own my own gym and have an experienced and skilled team to coach others.  For more information about a membership or personal at-home training, join me at, 678.909-5095

Smyna Vinings Lifestyle readers who take advantage of membership or personal training will have sign-up and enrollment fee waived.

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