Tejari, from the heart

Feeding her two young boys, Tej and Ari, Roma Patel was always searching for ways to optimize protein and nutrients without sacrificing flavor.  Roma grew frustrated with the struggle to find convenient, organic food options for herself and her family that were free of empty calories, added sugar and artificial ingredients

With a decade of corporate experience under her belt, she decided to solve the problem herself.  After countless conversations with friends and wellness experts, Tejari was born. Tejari and Co is a collection of organic superfood protein blends that offers convenient, whole food options with minimal ingredients. Tejari is the first protein company to introduce a blend with less than 4 ingredients.

Crafted using the highest standards and backed by an impressive board of food scientists and acclaimed registered dietitians, the blends are organic, vegan, peanut-free and dairy-free, and are sourced from only the purest, clean ingredients (with no added sugar) containing real dehydrated fruits and vegetables, plant-based protein, antioxidants and gut-healthy fibers. While some protein powders are widely used as a full meal replacement, Tejari blends were specially designed to harmonize with other nutrient-dense foods for a complete meal

The original collection of blends comes in three individual flavors (blueberry + spinach, golden banana & strawberry), all of which can be used in smoothies, sprinkled on yogurt or pancakes and even mixed into baked goods and other non-traditional items like ice cream, popsicles, coffee.

“All the blends are suitable for those with digestive and stomach sensitivities, as well as those following a vegan or cruelty-free diet, and are pregnancy and kid-safe,” says the Smyrna entrepreneur.

Packed with immune-boosting ingredients like pea protein, turmeric (antioxidants), cinnamon (heart-healthy and anti-inflammatory) and real fruits (strawberries are rich in vitamin C and bananas pack a powerful amount of prebiotic fiber), Tejari blends support the immune systems. With all blends yielding an impressive 8g+ of protein per serving, Roma was able to accomplish her mission of exceeding the needs of both adults and children with one sustainable product, and without sacrificing taste.

For smoothies, Roma will use organic grass-fed milk with the strawberry blend, paired with a fruity summer salad for lunch. Another breakfast favorite in her kitchen is golden fruit toast,  made with organic whole wheat bread, almond butter, fresh fruit and Tejari Golden Banana Blend. “A busy schedule requires a protein-packed boost in the morning to get you through the rest of the day. That’s why I love this Golden Fruit Toast—the almond butter combined with our Tejari powder adds plenty of plant-based protein, while fresh fruit like bananas and strawberries provides antioxidants and a hint of sweetness. Yum!”

A rotating list of suggested recipes and all the products are available at TejariAndCo.com Follow her on Instagram at @tejariandco.

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