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From Supercharged Foods to Lifestyle Detoxes, These Recent Releases will Inspire You

Fast Food Genocide: How Processed Food is Killing Us and What We Can Do About It by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Board-certified physician, nutritional researcher, and leading voice in the health field, Joel Fuhrman, M.D. draws on 25 years of clinical experience and research to detail America’s unprecedented and exploding national health crisis.

Supercharge Your Gut: Supercharged Food by Lee Holmes

Our gut health impacts everything from our immune systems and hormone levels, to weight and sleep. Learn tips on how to identify trigger foods, the best ingredients to support the gut lining, and how to eat your way to better long-term gut health.

Are U Ok?: A Guide to Caring for Your Mental Health by Kati Morton

More people than ever are suffering from mental health issues. Licensed marriage and family therapist Kati Morton meets the needs of those who want to seek professional help but don't know how and she answers the most common questions about mental health and mental illness (including anxiety, depression, bipolar and eating disorders).

The Wellness Mama 5-Step Lifestyle Detox: The Essential DIY Guide to a Healthier, Cleaner, All-Natural Life by Katie Wells

Reduce toxic exposure, transform your diet, and regain control over your health by following award-winning blogger, author, podcaster, and real-food crusader Katie Wells’ simple detox plan.

A Practical Guide to Well-being: Live Well & Stress-Free by Patricia Furness-Smith

This holistic manual is full of expert, practical advice for adopting quality sleep patterns, harnessing your natural ability to heal, achieving calm by learning to manage your stress levels, and discovering happiness and fulfillment by investing in yourself and others.

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