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PTC Chiropractor, Dr. Bryan Hammer offers expertise and advice for a healthy start to 2021

Corrective and preventative Chiropractic Care can be an integral piece of one's personal healthcare. To find out more about Movement Chiropractic visit their website at or call the office at 770-336-6546 to schedule your initial consultation.

Do you see more injuries in January due to folks resolving to turn a new leaf and exercise without proper training?

"Actually, no. In the first 3 months of the year, more people come in because of stress. More patients tell me, “Hey I want to change my lifestyle” or "I've been so overwhelmed with headaches and stress from the holidays!" People want to feel better so they make resolutions for changing things that they’ve put off and they’re not going to put it off any longer. Having your body in good working order can only help alleviate stress. That's my primary goal."

What's the best way to ease into a workout routine?

"First, you must understand that you need to recover if you’re going to work out. You have to walk before you can sprint. Don’t think you can jump right back into where you left off. Take baby steps and understand the importance of recovery between sessions. Stretching, rehab, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy... something to make sure you are recovering the way you need to."

What about chiropractic care is most beneficial to your patients?

"Overall wellness. Getting the body to function the way it needs to so that when stress comes, your body is equipped to handle the stress that comes with it. Your immune system, your stress levels, your overall comfort and mobility all play a part. We do a full-body approach to chiropractic care but it really depends on the person. So if treatments are not going the way we need them, we adjust our plan. It may be dietary or something else."

What would you like us to know about your practice?

"We offer other services besides Chiropractic care like deep tissue massage, corrective exercise training and spinal rehabilitation. We collaborate with other healthcare professionals in the community to offer a well-rounded care routine and approach."

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