Inner Peace in 2020

What's in your gym bag? Stellar Power Yoga staff share their favorites

Miriam Frost is Founder/ Owner of Stellar Power Yoga in Vinings. She’s a New Yorker who delivers calm, a mother of two boys who exudes inner peace, a peaceful soul in a world full of rage. Miriam sees her studio as an offering of more than just yoga -  a community of open-minded, judgment-free, and supportive people. Miriam Frost believes that yoga improves our outlook on life by going inward to learn about ourselves.  3300 Cobb Pkwy Stellar-poweryoga.com

Miriam Frost has her Manduka yoga mat made by Manduka, copper jewelry made by RF Custom Jewelry Design and water bottle make by Hydro Flask

Nia Lynn has her yoga mat made by Gaiam, mala beads from Vibe Jewelry and reusable filtered water bottle made by Brita

Richard Fudge II has his extra-long Manduka yoga mat made by Manduka, 2 cork blocks made by Manduka and crystal jewelry made by RF Custom Jewelry Design

Paige Hinton has her Jade yoga mat made by Jade, water bottle made by Keen and incense made by Nag Champa

Dani Boik has her Jade yoga mat made by Jade, Bela tropical drink made by Bela and sandalwood scents made by Anima Mundi.

Shayla Burton has her Jade yoga mat made by Jade, true clear water made by True Clear and stellar power yoga face mask made by Stellar Power Yoga.

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