Northside Youth Organization to Host Homecoming Celebration

70 Years of Youth Sports at Chastain Park

Calling all Northside Youth Organization (NYO) player alumni and current and former parents, coaches, volunteers and community supporters.  On October 6, NYO is hosting a very special event to commemorate 70 years of youth sports at Chastain Park fostering the growth and development of young athletes as part of the North Atlanta community.

Beginning with football in 1949, and along the way adding baseball, girls and boys basketball, softball and cheerleading, NYO has grown to become one of the largest intra-league youth sports programs in the country.  They serve nearly 2,500 area families and 5,000 children ages 4 to 17 register annually.  As a dedicated community partner and longtime lessee of the City of Atlanta, NYO maintains high quality playing fields and a gym at Chastain as well as at numerous facilities at local partner schools and churches.  To promote an inclusive environment, NYO offers multiple ways for the community’s youth to play on a team, including a needs-based scholarship program and the Christopher League for children with disabilities.

NYO historian and Board VP, Larry Bennett, and retired longtime executive director, Jane Wilkins, are working to gather a complete history for the Homecoming celebration.  Share your photos and memories:

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