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We’re working where we live!  This is motivating people to remodel their homes to create more comfortable and efficient workspaces and living environments and includes landscape design, gardening, repair of older decks and patios as well as the expansion of these hardscapes.

The increased interest in these activities along with shortages in some equipment and building supplies can lead to increase project costs.  Sustainable options, long equipment lifetimes and sensible warranties are a must for your project.

Below are several locally owned companies that can help manage projects indoors and outdoors and make the time you spend outside more enjoyable.

Milton Mechanical Services

Improvements in the control of indoor temperature, humidity, equipment noise, air quality, and energy efficiency can often be obtained simultaneously with the installation of new modern HVAC equipment.  Proper design and options selection at the time of installation is the most cost-effective means of upgrading and completing projects.  There is strong interest in air quality, air filtration and and sanitization and the choices available are daunting.  Make sure you work with a knowledgeable contractor to choose, and install cost effective equipment that can meet your long term specifications.  Note replacement filter and bulb costs vary considerably with different brands of equipment.  Understand these cost before you start your project.

Milton Mechanical Services provides review, and repair of all current equipment brands, and is happy to provide advice for the design and installation of new equipment to convert your basement, attic, garage or any other space you are considering for indoor work, school, or play into the space of your dreams. MiltonMechanicalServices.com |  770.765.0622

Selectbuilt Construction

Improvements in indoor and outdoor spaces often require small to large amounts of construction to create these spaces.  New spaces require electrical and plumbing a swell as the aforementioned air quality and comfort control.  Homeowners are strongly advised to work with general contractors that understand local and state building codes and permitting issues so that problems do not arise when you are interested in selling the property.  Selectbuilt Construction is a family owned business that is expert in remodeling your basement, attic, and garage spaces.  They also repair, expand, and build from the ground up new decks and patios.  They are cost effective experts that can provide honest advice on building materials such as new composite deck materials and outdoor lighting fixtures. SelectBuiltConstruction.com | 678.576.6980

Procare Pest Services

Is the time and enjoyment of being outside with your family in the yard or on the porch ruined by mosquitoes and causing you stress?  There are new control options available and ProCare Pest Control can help you reclaim your yard, reducing your time, pesticide use, and costs directed at insect control.  Procare Pest Control uses an innovative “bucket system” to stop mosquitos before they start flying around your yard and looking to make you a meal.  The active ingredients in our trap are not toxic to birds or mammals and are completely pet safe.  They still recommend removing standing water in spots like empty containers, plant container drip pans, and poorly flowing rain gutters.  Procare Pest Service also has the best prices in metro Atlanta for termite control, which is often required by home insurance policies.  Procare Pest services is always available to recommend sustainable, low-cost control solutions so you and your family can stay outside as long as you wish. ProCarePest.com | 678.613.3343.

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