Another Peachtree City Gem

Laurel Brooke delivers on the vision with high-end, new construction homes in much-desired Peachtree City.

If you can imagine blending the North Cove neighborhood in Peachtree City with the Town at Trilith in Fayetteville, you may have a good idea of the vision for Laurel Brooke — a beautiful, walkable community in Peachtree City, Georgia, designed for a distinguished homeowner and loaded with all the bells and whistles. 

Redwood Home Builders was one of only four builders selected from an interview pool of about thirty during the planning for the Town at Trilith. In fact, they built the very first home there. Redwood partners Jason Morris and Dan Bonner are still involved in the Trilith community. “We worked with the Trilith development team to build in that community. We started that in 2017 as one of the first builders, and have been active in Trilith since it started.” 

Beautifully nestled in the McIntosh School district in Peachtree City, Laurel Brooke is what many of today’s homeowners are looking for — beauty, convenience, and the all-important option to customize a home to best fit the family’s needs. Jason and Dan have left nothing to chance when it comes to anticipating buyers' needs.

“Buyers do not want to maintain an old home. They do not want to maintain a large lawn. They’d rather have quality finishes and quality time. They’d rather have less maintenance on the outside.” The quaint, purposeful meeting squares, complete with fountains, add to the overall charm and beauty of the neighborhood. 

Renowned architect, Jim Strickland, played a significant role in the design of Laurel Brooke. The plans for the community unfolded right before the COVID-19 pandemic. The city was on board with the plans, and they started breaking ground when suddenly, the world stopped and everything went on hold in 2020.

Payton Peoples of Payton Peoples and Company, Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners, was selected to be the exclusive representative for the community. “I grew up here. I was in the first class to graduate from Starrs Mill High School. I left, got married, had kids, and came back to Peachtree City. I understand what other families are looking for, and need, and are expecting for their lifestyle and for their kids.” Payton works with a lot of families and loves having Laurel Brooke in her hometown. “My entire business is built on building relationships with people in the community, and helping the community be better.” 

There are eight cottages on the property that are managed by the developer, Doug Feller and his wife, Jennifer. They were built on the property for the purpose of nightly rentals. Payton explains, “The original intention for the cottages was an onsite guest house option for people who live in Laurel Brooke - an alternative place to stay versus a hotel.” Today, anyone can rent an available cottage, sort of like an Airbnb/hotel hybrid. 

Ultimately there will be 20+ homes and 24 condominiums in the pocket community. "The single-family homes will have state-of-the-art technology and high-quality craftsmanship, as well as some sustainability components. We build first-class finishes with materials that will last.  There’s going to be some timeless architecture, durable exteriors, and some really nice kitchens and bathrooms; just beautiful, first-class luxury homes," says partner, Jason Morris. 

The builders see Laurel Brooke as part of the "new urbanism" movement — a relatively new term they have adopted, which is walkable, convenient with smaller lot sizes, and, according to the builders, “Distinguishes itself by being more of what people want it to be — a walkable community, closer to your neighbors, and with much less to maintain. People want to enjoy their weekends, not spend it maintaining their property.” There is a homeowner’s association that was established with the development when it first broke ground. "The amenity is Peachtree City and all the attractions that are here; adjacent to and accessible to all the golf cart paths. You can be just about anywhere in Peachtree City within minutes." 

Laurel Brooke offers high-quality luxury housing for everybody across the spectrum. Jason describes potential homeowners as, “Someone who needs the schools for their kids; someone who wants to stay in the market because this is where their life is, or someone who is downsizing from a very large home to something more manageable. The people that we work with like to travel. They spend time out of town. They look at this as a second home option.  They want to maintain the Peachtree City lifestyle. We have some great homes with southern vernacular which is what we’re going for from the aesthetic — attractive and timeless architecture. The floor plans layout very well. This option is a new chapter for a lot of folks.” 

The next set of homes for the public is currently underway. “We have a lot of work to do to make Laurel Brooke what we are promising it to be.” Jason continues the sentiment with a compliment to Payton Peoples, “I am very impressed with Payton’s approach to the market. Her enthusiasm is fantastic. With her knowledge of the market and her being from Peachtree City, she knows what is best for Peachtree City. I’m impressed with her professionalism, and really excited to see how she brings about the marketing for the community. I feel like the community needed her to get involved for that.” 

Both Jason and Dan are third-generation Atlanta home builders. “We work with the same trade partners we’ve been working with for decades. We are utilizing the best, as far as sustainability and technology in homes.  The team that works with us is very experienced and has great relationships with trade partners. We’ll be doing this for several more decades, so stay tuned. We love being involved in Fayette County. It’s all about the people and the families. It’s just a wonderful place to live.” 

Payton shares, “Laurel Brooke is within walking distance to The Campus, a private school option in Peachtree City. There are multiple great school options within walking distance or a  golf cart ride.” She continues, “They’ve done a good job tucking this community back and giving it more of a private feel. At this price point, you want to have some privacy and have that luxury feel inside and out.” If you are interested to learn what options are available at Laurel Brooke, you can contact Payton directly at (404) 909-9951 or email her at  payton@peoplesandco.com. The website address for the community is www.livelaurelbrooke.com

“Buyers do not want to maintain an old home. They do not want to maintain a large lawn. They’d rather have quality finishes and quality time."

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