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Original art by Grads and Instructors

From drawing board to gallery, students at SCAD learn to express themselves and also to function as a working artist in a consumer’s marketplace. SCAD Art Sales is a full-service art consultancy that offers distinctive design and curatorial services to a global clientele of collectors and public and private-sector businesses and organizations. From the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Georgia to Heathrow Airport in England, SCAD Art Sales serves a wealth of industries. The gallery's creative sensibilities complement modern designs and historic structures with equal fluency. With more than 45,000 artists and designers, SCAD is the expert in great art. SCAD was founded with a mission to cultivate and celebrate careers in art and design, prioritizing professionalism in the context of creative practice. This approach extends to SCAD Art Sales, the embodiment of SCAD’s worldwide network of emerging artists and industry leaders intent on making the world a more well-designed place.

Here are four artists who are represented. 

Angela Burson (B.F.A., painting 1991) works in a variety of media, including painting, drawing and needlework. Her subjects come from her personal collections of family photographs, portrait miniatures, reproductions of tin toys, as well as remnants of doilies, pillowcases and towels from her family’s closets. These objects and ephemera reoccur across the media in which she works. A native of Liberty, Missouri, the Savannah, Georgia-based artist has exhibited her work across the U.S. and abroad, including at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, Kansas City, Missouri, the SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah; and Gallery Most, Podgorica, Montenegro.

As an Atlanta native, Daniel Byrd (B.F.A., painting) has been strongly influenced and inspired by the constant energy inside a metropolitan area for as long as he can remember. Byrd is particularly captivated by graffiti and and mark-making. In his work today you’ll see how he is still very much inspired by the same energy and environment as when he was a kid. Byrd translates these ideas onto 2-dimensional surfaces where he creates a space in which there are a variety of marks that communicate and compete with one another to fight for existence.

Kent Knowles (Associate Dean of academic services, B.F.A., painting, 1997) lives and works in Atlanta. While focused on the traditional technical aspects of painting, his work also examines the expressive qualities of figure, pattern and design in contemporary art. The characters that populate his work are usually women in perilous situations. Knowles’ most recent work is about his life and family. He lives and works in Roswell.

Hasani Sahlehe (B.F.A., painting, 2015) works in a variety of media and has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout the Southeast. Significant exhibitions include "What a Kallaloo" at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. He was a SCAD Alumni Atelier ambassador in Spring 2017, and is currently a MINT (Gallery) Leap Year resident.  Sahlehe lives and works in Atlanta.

Carla Contreras (M.F.A., painting) is an Ecuadorian visual artist who currently lives and works in Atlanta. Contreras works in varying mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, and most recently installations.

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