Visible Ink

There's meaning behind the creative expressions that adorn the growing number of bodies in the United States.

Not all tattoos are created equal, and not all stereotypes are just. Whether you believe tattooing is wrong or right, like them or hate them, we have all seen a tattoo that caused us to pause - to stare a little longer, contemplating its meaning, beauty, creativity, or outlandishness. Some secretly wishing for the boldness to display something that has meaning and significance to them, for the world to see. A beautiful tattoo is one where the artistry, color and placement are well-thought-out, and the meaning is often deeper and more personal than the eye can see.

There was a time when tattoos were considered taboo - especially in the workplace and many social settings. After all, if you have a tattoo you are most likely a gang member, ex-con, biker, "bad boy" or "bad girl". Right? On the lighter side, perhaps you're a member of the armed forces or pledged to a Greek institution while in college. Whatever the circumstances, the decision to get a tattoo came with judgments the tattooed would care less about.

Today, one in five Americans have tattoos whether they outwardly show them or not. The reasons for getting one stem from wanting to honor or memorialize a loved one or pet, celebrate the arrival of a new baby, commemorate a milestone life event or special occasion, strengthen a bond between lovers, siblings, or friends, coverup a bad tattoo from the person's young and stupid days or a divorce or breakup, or maybe the person just always wanted one. Tattoos are mainstream today and people of all ages, races, and ethnicity have them or are getting them.

One local studio, Area 54 Tattoos, has incredibly talented and experienced tattoo artists. From portraits to elaborate scenes and everything in between, their artists are able to bring your vision and personal expression to life. If it's your first tattoo, consider something small and come with ideas. Think wisely as 17% of those who have tattoos, regret them.

Tattooing at a studio with artists who have gone through years of apprenticeship is very safe. Tools are cleaned with the same products surgical instruments are cleaned with. Every needle is brand new for each client, with brand new needles used after every break as well. Area 54 Tattoos is located at 101 Crossings E #6 in Peachtree City. Call at 770-632-2910 and follow them on Instagram @area54tattoos.

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