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An Oasis of self-discovery and realization

An interview with Dr. Diane Alexander

We think this medspa is the prettiest in all of Atlanta. The reception foyer is more like a hotel lobby, with beautiful products displayed and sleek furnishings beckoning to come sit awhile. A few doors down from The Buckhead Theatre, Artiste Beautè is truly a refuge, a space to breath deep and immerse yourself in treatments that will make you feel like the best YOU. We sat down with the powerhouse behind the business, Dr. Diane Alexander. 

Lifestyle Publications: After 20 + years in Plastic Surgery – what made you decide to open Artisan Beaute`?

Diane Alexander, MD, FACS: For 20 years, I have been passionate about facial rejuvenation, helping women and men put their best face forward.  In fact, my very first case in private practice in August of 2000, was a facelift and upper and lower eyelid lifts.  I love helping our patients obtain a rejuvenated, natural, refreshed and not fake or overdone appearance. 

As a Plastic Surgeon, surgery has always my primary focus. However, over the last two decades, there have been so many advancements in non-invasive rejuvenation.  Botox was first introduced around the time I started my career!  I began to envision a place that focused on the non-invasive side of aesthetics.  While these services, such as injections and lasers,  certainly complement surgical procedures, many of them can effectively enhance the health and beauty of the skin and face in and of themselves.  I dreamt of a place that had the best of everything-from skin care, to lasers and equipment, to the finest staff available in Atlanta.  I wanted this to be a destination that pampered every sense -visual, taste, auditory, smell, touch and human kindness. 

LP: What is your Mission statement for Artisan Beaute` - something you want your patients and your staff to understand about your vision?

DA: Artisan Beaute is an oasis of self-discovery and realization, a vehicle for hope and transformation.  It is a haven to ignite beauty and cultivate kindness towards yourself and others.  Discover your beauty, own it as never before and share it with everyone in your life.

LP: Share your passion with readers on the skin line Biologique Recherche` - what made you select this skincare line?

DA: I have always been curious about what skincare products patients use, especially if they have beautiful skin.  Several of my patients with flawless skin told me about Biologique and how they had to buy it when they went to NY.  After researching the company, trying the products, and even going to Paris to meet with the directors, we decided we wanted to carry the line.  We were really drawn to the exclusive nature of the line, the quality of the ingredients they use, the amazing facials that Biologique has developed, the effectiveness of the products, the wide variety of offerings-from skin to hair to body.  The company is very selective in choosing practices to carry their line and we were thrilled that after interviewing us and coming down to see Artisan Plastic Surgery and meet our team, they selected us to bring Biologique to Atlanta.  It was a very involved process because of the extensive training and education that the aestheticians need to learn the 200+ products and the specialized services that Biologique offers.  We honestly feel very special that we can offer this exclusive, almost cult-like, product line to our patients!

LP: What do you take into account when selecting new treatment offerings for Artisan Beaute`?

DA: We always look for services and equipment that are safe and effective.  Everything we bring into the spa is thoroughly vetted for safety, quality and results.  There are always treatments that get a lot of press and publicity, but that is not our interest.  These treatments will come and go.  Our patients have learned to trust us because of the extensive research we do before recommending any service or product.

LP: If you could share one thing with a patient  searching for a plastic surgeon and/ or a new provider for aesthetic treatments – what would you want them to keep in mind?

DA: Searching for a plastic surgeon or aesthetician is very personal.  The services we provide are intimate and emotional, not just physical.  We are dealing with the most private and important parts of our patients' lives - how they feel about themselves and how they interact with their family, their friends, their world.  Trying to help our patients feel beautiful and proud of themselves is a complex process that involves both scientific, technical, and emotional skills.  Each patient has to find the provider who they feel understands their needs and desires and has the experience and resources to accomplish those goals. 

LP: Tell us about your team at Artisan Beaute`

DA: The team at Artisan Beaute, just like all of the services and products, has been carefully curated.  They are literally the finest aestheticians and support staff available in the city.  Each one brings their own unique skills, talents, and vision to the spa.  They have different personalities and approaches to their profession, but they all work together as a team and complement one another.  The level of expertise and experience is unmatched in Atlanta.


3150 Roswell Rd., Suite B1

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