Moo Cheese, Please

Happy cows make good milk. Good milk produces delicious cheese.

Who doesn’t like cheese? Whatever the taste, texture or smell - nutty, creamy, crumbly or even stinky - there is something extraordinary about cheese. Sweet Grass Dairy in Thomasville, Georgia firmly believes that good cheese is made from happy cows. But that goodness also comes from the sweet story behind it, the passion for the process, the commitment to the community and the dedication to provide the best culinary experience to customers. 

Jessica and Jeremy Little acquired Sweet Grass Dairy from Jessica’s parents who had begun the dream of making cheese in their small kitchen decades ago. Today, the Littles balance the art and science of cheese making to produce products that are unique and pleasing to the palate. Sweet Grass Dairy sources milk from dairy farms in Brooks, Georgia owned by Jessica’s brother, Clay. There, Jersey cows chomp on grass 365 days a year, thanks to the state’s mild climate and the application of rotational grazing (where cows are moved from pasture to pasture while allowing vegetation in previously grazed areas to regenerate for future munching). The couple firmly believes that this regenerative agriculture is not just better for the cows but also kind to Mother Earth. After the high-quality “grass-based” milk is harvested, it is trucked to the home of Sweet Grass Dairy where it is prepared for the cheese-making process.

Sweet Grass Dairy carries six different core cheeses that your palates may love. Green Hill, a Sweet Grass Dairy original, is a double cream, soft-ripened cheese with a subtle mushroomy taste. Named after the owners’ second son, Asher Blue has a natural rind and a creamy yet crumbly texture. Griffin, which earned its name after the owner’s third son, is a wheat-based crumbly cheese (from curds soaked in beer) with malty flavors. Then there is Thomasville Tomme (a tribute to the couple’s terrific hometown), a farmhouse table cheese, aged from 60 to 90 days. Pimento is a local favorite made from loads of the dairy’s nutty Thomasville Tomme, imported piquillo peppers, smoked paprika, all blended with dollops of rich, creamy mayonnaise. The result is a slightly spicy, smoky-flavored spreadable that’s great on crackers. Finally, there is Lil’ Moo, a fresh cow's milk cheese that is similar in style to cream cheese, but with a lighter texture. The six varieties of cheese, sold in more than 40 U.S. states, have won 30 national and international awards.

The “local” cheese on the charcuterie board at your favorite neighborhood restaurant may most likely be from Sweet Grass Dairy. If so, slow down and savor every bite. The Jerseys would appreciate it. And, if you’d like to add to your “cheesy” adventure, wind your way through the historic towns of South Georgia, pass the peanut farms and Longleaf Pines, into the town of Thomasville. There you’ll find the Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Shop in the heart of the town. Take a seat at the bar, or in the main restaurant, soak up the southern hospitality, and enjoy the goodness of cheese. 






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