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Article by BuckHaven Lifestyle Staff

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Originally published in BuckHaven Lifestyle

Jeff Toney has been a professional face of the fitness industry for 15-plus years and regularly coaches top athletes, models and other high-profile clients. He believes that we become limitless as soon as we conquer fear, which is why he created the FIT9 workout – to give clients the tools they need to safely overcome those obstacles. Aside from his work at FIT9, Jeff is the co-owner of Stellar Bodies and Eclipse 1on1.

"Your body is a machine, so don’t think you need a machine to get the job done. Plenty of workouts can be done anytime and  anywhere, in very little time and they can be highly effective. My favorite piece of equipment is a pair of sliders. If you don’t have sliders, you can use towels or paper plates," he says. Here are three exercises that can be done at home:

  1. Arm Climbers: I chose arm climbers because it’s a great shoulder and tricep exercise, as well as a core exercise. Find a soft surface for your knees, get into a kneeling plank position and alternate reaching one arm out while bringing the other arm in.
  2. Mountain Climbers: Performing mountain climbers after arm climbers keeps the focus on the shoulders and core while using the legs to get the heart rate up. Hold a plank position and run your legs in and out.
  3. Burpee Pushups to Split Lunge Jumps: These are great to follow the first two exercises because it engages all the same muscles, but is the most intense of the three. This is because it gets the legs involved while still keeping the core, shoulder, chest and triceps active. Start in a plank position, do a pushup and jump in with both feet, stand and jump into a split lunge.

*As a challenge, use a timer and set it for four minutes. Do each of these exercises (in this order) every 20 seconds.

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