Holiday Table Décor

Create Conversation with a Runner Inspired by Nature

Article by Cheryl Parton

Photography by Brooke Lark

Originally published in Bend Lifestyle

Reflecting on memories of holiday tables past, we remember everything from the guests to the scents and the scene. From menu planning and cooking to setting the table, each component contributes to create a moment when we can be together for a holiday, especially as 2020 concludes. At a table set for one, two or more, a centerpiece sets a tone in much the same way a menu pleases a palate. “Seasonal textures and fresh greens remind us of the season,” says farmer-florist Jen Ladd of Sweet Posy, purveyor of locally-grown blooms and other earthborn treasures from her five-plus-acre flower farm in Bend. Jen says a live table runner is one way to not only create bespoke beauty, but it acts as a centerpiece to prompt conversation. “I start with elements that are seasonal, designing from what is found on the farm, from greens to dried bits for texture,” she says. Adding elements that pique people’s interest get people talking—whether the addition is a nod to the menu (like a vegetable or spice) or to the personality of a host. Remember though, that to facilitate conversation, a live table runner should be low enough that family can converse without having to talk through or around décor. To build upon a runner of greenery or flowers, Jen says to consider adding satellite arrangements of smaller bud vases or tea candles.  Finally, although we are staying close to home this year, one doesn’t need to go far to find beauty. “We live in Central Oregon, so go out to your backyard and clip what you find,” says Jen. She reminds us that there is a lot going on during the holidays, so simplicity is another key: “The goal is to keep it fun, simple and to inspire joy.”     

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