Peek Inside the World of Stylish Locals

Instagram gives locals a platform, and viewers a glimpse, into the world of Bend trends and fashion. While top influencers can garner followers into the hundreds of thousands, Insta-Bend carves out its own niche by sharing the look and feel of our active community with inspirations from the environment.

"I have always loved fashion, clothes and finding a great deal," says Ariana Powell of @bargainbosss.

As a former journalist, Powell began her account as a way to challenge herself in a new way, plus have fun while doing it.

"Bend style is something so much deeper than a certain look; it's about supporting the community," she says. "There are so many fashion influencers/bloggers out there, and for me, it's about standing out in the crowd by being myself."

Powell believes style is whatever you want it to be—whatever makes you feel confident in your own skin. Check out these stylish accounts to be inspired by fashion stories as they unfold post by post.

@amarabessa @bargainbosss @cosacura @hotboxbetty @mirandapaul

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