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Imagination is a Tool for Randall Knight of Knightcrafted

In the early 2000s, Randall Knight was working in management for a local trade company where at construction sites, he’d spy discarded lumber scraps and his artistic eye would visualize their next incarnations. Fast forward through a recession and his own personal reinvention. Today, unfinished wood is the starting point for multiple works of art and furniture, and Randall is owner/proprietor of Knightcrafted, founded in 2007. Going back generations, the Knight family has worked with their hands. Landing in Indiana from England, Randall’s great- great- grandfather had his own C.Knight Blacksmithing and Horseshoeing shop. Today, Knightcrafted operates from a barn workshop in Tumalo where Randall lives with his wife A’Leah and his two children Kian and Lily. Randall has always been artistic, from his introduction to formal arts at the Pasadena Art Center as a high school student, to acting, creating music, and painting. He taught himself woodcarving — starting with figurines, and evolving to furniture and more industrial design. He has come a long way from making step stools for his young kids, and a garden hutch for his wife. During work days, he is busy in his barn studio creating everything from custom tables and cornhole boards, to inventing items with the clean lines and colors of the retro-modern scene of 1960’s Europe. In the world of wood, Randall sees potential all around. “A friend gave me an old piece of walnut flooring. It was twisted and warped and had sun damage, but I turned that chunk of firewood into a Bluetooth Speaker,” he says. Randall has evolved from a student of woodcrafting to a teacher himself with a goal: “I want to be brave and make the things that I see in my mind.”


Project Name

Custom Cornhole Board


01 Rails are prepared for sides of the cornhole boards.

02 Each foot of the board is cut individually

03 A jig is used to make perfect 6-inch holes for cornhole

03 It’s important to find the right spot for each Cbolts of collapsible legs 

05 Each T nut is tapped in to place 

06 Each element of the board is sanded to prepare for staining, painting or a custom design. Randall has created boards for company and family events, and some as works of art in their own right.

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