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Planting Trees with the West Greeley Conservation District

A huge part of Greeley’s history is agricultural. West Greeley Conservation District is working to preserve that history by educating and inspiring others to bring conservation home. Planting trees in your backyard is one way to be a good steward of our own land. Soil conservation, wind breaks, pollinator attraction, and fresh air are just a few of the reasons to start growing trees in your backyard. Creating privacy and functionality through the use of natural sustainable growth, is something we can all do. By adding a few trees to your backyard, you are not only creating a more beautiful home for yourself, but you are also creating a more sustainable environment for the whole neighborhood.  

When planting new trees, there is a lot more that goes into it than a city person, like me, might think. Proper placement is vital to the health and growth of any plant. Thinking ahead is important with a project like this and can help your plants thrive, by choosing the best environments to sustain them. By following these five steps you can learn the best way to start your long-term tree garden.    



+Bur Oak


+Dolgo Crabapple

+Eastern Redcedar


+False Indigo

+Gambel Oak

“We’re one of the best kept secrets in Greeley. Not many people know that we work with 66% of Weld County.”

Step 1

Join one of the WGCD workshops to discover the perfect tree for you. They’ll teach you where to plant your tree to create wind breaks, attract pollinators, or even how to build a DIY drip system. Using the WCGD as an educational resource is the best way to create lasting care for your trees.

Step 2

Once you’ve decided what you want out of your trees, sign up for the WGCD tree sales! The trees start off as conservation grade seedlings. They have many local tree options to choose from. Sales begin in November and end in March. So, make sure to get your name on the list! They rarely have trees to spare.

Step 3

Now that you’ve chosen where to plant your tree, it’s time to start digging! The soil you’re digging into however, should be supportive to your tree’s growth. Make sure to ask a WGCD employee what type of soil you need for the tree you want. Bring in a sample of your soil and they’ll tell what tree works best for what you already have.

Step 4

A common misconception is that big trees don’t need to be watered. But in Colorado, where rain may be scarce, watering even the large plants is very important. While getting water straight from the hose is easy enough, watering the plants is a chore that is easily forgotten. This is where the DIY drip system comes in! WGCD can teach you ways to water your trees in a natural sustainable way.

Step 5

The next step? Relax and enjoy! Now that the dirty work is done, you get to watch your small seedling sprout into a full-grown tree. So, sit back and revel in the beauty of your growing estate.  

West Greeley Conservation District is highly focused on educating local youth on their environmental projects. They provide educational opportunities for both students and teachers to join in on the conservation movement. There are even small grant opportunities for community groups, educators, and students looking to support environmental education.  

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