Style and Function

Brigitte Gentry Creates a Home That is Both Beautiful and Functional

Article by Tara Norris

Photography by Boxwood Photography

Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

As an Austin and Austin Real Estate agent of 17 years, and busy Mom of Four kids, Brigitte Gentry has a talent for designing beautiful, functional spaces.  Whether it is time for homework, showering after a day on the lake, or lounging on the patio, this family does it in style.

Brigitte designed this space simply for her four home schooled kids to do homework with no distractions and where they could be in her sight.  It was important for each child to have a space to plan, organize, and tackle their assignments.  

A drinking fountain was a MUST.  With 4 kids, Brigitte says she will do anything to cut down on the dishes!

Their outdoor space is the most loved of any room. The kids love to watch TV or sit on the swings.  It completes the home.

The boys' bathroom is Brigitte's favorite room in the house.  It is their biggest example of truly custom.  They had a vision and their architect brought it to life.   With 3 boys and 3 sinks, there is nothing left to fight about.

You can find more of Brigitte's design and inspiration on Instagram: @birdie_home_

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